Linux system hardening: adding hidepid to /proc mount point
Hiding processes for other users. Hardening /proc with hidepid. Hiding processes for other users. Since Linux kernel 3.3 there are two new mount options for the Proc pseudo-filesystem.
proc: Bad value for 'hidepid' · Issue #16896 · systemd/systemd · GitHub
PID 1 could (and, IMO, should) log a message stating to the effect of "Checking if kernel supports hidepid=invisible. If the kernel does not support this, it will log warnings of the form "proc: Bad value...
Linux hide processes from other users and ps command - nixCraft
This hides process from all other commands such as ps, top, htop, pgrep and more. Type the following mount command: # mount -o remount,rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,hidepid=2 /proc...
Hide Your Processes From Other Users in Linux - Make Tech Easier
Learn how to hide processes and control who has access to the information. There is a new parameter called "hidepid" which is used when the /proc filesystem is mounted.
linux - How to hide a specific process? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
The command hidepid is used to prevent users from seeing all processes that do not belong to them, but it doesn't offer the possibility of selecting a specific process. hidepid=n (since Linux 3.3).
Ubuntu Manpage: proc - process information pseudo-filesystem
The proc filesystem supports the following mount options: hidepid=n (since Linux 3.3). though /proc was mounted with hidepid=0. This group should be used instead of.
linux - Change or hide process name in htop - Stack Overflow
hidepid=2 means hidepid=1 plus all /proc will be fully invisible to other users. It doesn't mean that it hides a fact whether a process with a specific pid value exists (it can be learned by other means, e.g...
Is it possible to 'hide' a process from the listing of `ps` or `top` on Linux
gid=XXX defines a group that will be able to gather all processes' info (as in hidepid=0 mode). This group should be used instead of putting nonroot user in sudoers file or something.
Proc Error / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums
Hello, during the usage of arch linux, I get the same error several times during the boot session: proc: Bad value for 'hidepid'. Is this error any serious and does anyone of you know how to solve it?
[ubuntu] Howto set hidepid=2 | Forum
Howto set hidepid=2. Hello, I use ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server. For security reasons I would like to set the option for proc to hidepid=2 in order to hide unnecessary information to a user.
kernel - How to hide process arguments from other users? - Ask Ubuntu
hidepid=1/2 doesn't break monitoring userspace tools. ps, top, pgrep, and conky gracefully handle EPERM/ENOENT and behave as if the current user is the only user running processes...
The hidepid Options for /proc and Percona XtraDB Cluster Don't Play...
In this post, I discovered the impacts of the hidepid mount option for /proc on the SST scripts. Look at the bash trace above: 11244 is the mysqld pid. After a little Googling exercise, I found this blog...
Linux Hardening Guide | Madaidan's Insecurities | 2.4 hidepid
2.4 hidepid. /proc is a pseudo-filesystem that contains information about all processes currently running on the system. By default this is accessible to all users which can allow an attacker to spy on other...
[solved] hidepid mount option in fstab for the... - Raspberry Pi Forums
but when i do "man fstab" i can not find hidepid among mount options. The "man proc" shown the hidepid parameter so i assume it is supported. While i am having backup of my drive and i guess in...
CloudLinux OS kernel | Documentation
Remounting procfs with "hidepid" option. Ptrace block. In lve-utils-2.1-3.2 and later /proc can be remounted with hidepid=2 option to enable additional protection for procfs.