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Hub, The Hub, or hubs may refer to: A hub is the central part of a wheel that connects the axle to the wheel itself. Bicycle hub, the central part of a bicycle wheel. Locking hubs, accessory on four-wheel drive vehicles. Wheel hub assembly, an automotive part.
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перевод и определение "hub", английский-русский Словарь онлайн. A Hub weaves apps, services and content together in a way that makes sense, so that everyday tasks are easier, with...
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Перевод слова hub, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, примеры использования. the hub of the universe — центр мироздания; пуп земли hub airport...
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From earlier hubbe, which has the same immediate origin as hob. Hub was originally a dialectal word; its ultimate origin is unknown. IPA(key): /hʌb/. Rhymes: -ʌb. hub (plural hubs). The central part, usually cylindrical, of a wheel; the nave. - Открывай Бесплатные Кейсы Standoff 2
Standoff Hub .com.
hub · an extension to command-line git
hub makes it easy to clone or create repositories, browse project pages, list known issues, ensure list latest open issues in the current repository hub issue --limit 10 #. open the current project's issues...
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Hubs is a modification on the slang term "husband" in reference to one's male spouse. hub:(adj)- meaning buff, strong, or yoked. commonly used in sacramento and the bay area.
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Define hub. hub synonyms, hub pronunciation, hub translation, English dictionary definition of hub. n. Boston, Massachusetts. Used with the . n. 1. The center part of a wheel, fan, or propeller.
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Sci-Hub:The first pirate website in the world to open mass and public access to tens of millions research papers.sci-hub journal,sci hub download,sci hub proxy,sci-hub mirror,sci-hub links,sci-hub working...
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It's called the PowerUp:HUB or HUB for short. What is a digital learning platform? The HUB is designed to help HISD teachers do more in less time and personalize instruction for students.
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Hub definition is - the central part of a circular object (such as a wheel or propeller). the hub of the city She was at the hub of all the activity. All of the airline's coast-to-coast flights pass through its hub.
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HUB will be a single data solution designed for Asset Managers to be flexible, interconnected and to drive cost efficiencies. Our foundational data first approach will fuel a set of services to digitally...
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