What is a Hydrophone?
A hydrophone is a type of microphone that is specifically designed to be used under water. Hydrophones were widely used in World War I, and II to detect U-boats (German submarines) and...
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Overview and comparison of specifications for Cetacean Research hydrophones and Cetacean Research hydrophone systems.
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hydrophone-based station. станция на гидрофонах. network of hydrophones. сеть гидрофонов. en Processing equipment specially designed for towed acoustic hydrophone arrays.
What is a hydrophone?
The hydrophone pictured here is located within Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary in Georgia. Just as a microphone collects sound in the air, a hydrophone detects acoustic signals under the water.
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Secondary hydrophone calibration can also be done by using a standard projector that produces a known acoustic field. The concept of dynamic range is in general only applied to hydrophones.
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A hydrophone (Greek "hydro" = "water" and "phone" = "sound") is a microphone designed to be used underwater for recording or listening to underwater sound. Most hydrophones are based on a piezoelectric transducer that generates electricity when subjected to a pressure change.
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Hydrophones. Aquarian Audio provides rugged, sensitive, and affordable hydrophones for general listening applications, including ecotourism, audio and video recording projects, leak detection, and...
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Teledyne Marine manufactures a broad range of hydrophones for applications from oceanographic research to monitoring industrial processes. View our hydrophones now!
bender hydrophone. гидрофон с изгибным пьезодатчиком. bottom hydrophone. донный гидрофон. мор.
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Hydrophone, device for converting sound waves into electrical signals, similar in operation to a microphone but used primarily for detecting sound waves from an underwater source...
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Examples of hydrophone in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web Daphne also tows a hydrophone to collect corroborating audio, such as the whine of a hydraulic winch hoisting a fishing...
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hydrophone [ˈhaɪdrəfəun]Существительное. hydrophone / hydrophones.
Hydrophone and Underwater Voice Communications. Step by Step Instructions for Building a Deep Diving Hydrophone and 2 Way Voice Communication System for Under $50.
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Brüel & Kjær hydrophones are individually calibrated, waterborne‐sound transducers. The instruments deliver a flat frequency response and are omnidirectional over a wide frequency range.
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Hydrophones enable us to record underwater, which is reason enough to worship and adore them. It's exactly the same principle when making a hydrophone, except you get to go underwater.
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Define hydrophone. hydrophone synonyms, hydrophone pronunciation, hydrophone translation, English dictionary definition of hydrophone. n. An electrical instrument for detecting or monitoring...
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Operating principle of the hydrophones by ZETLAB Company is based on the piezo-electrical effect, which allows to use them as linear and reversible hydroacoustic transducers.
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« » Hydrophone. A hydrophone (Greek "hydro" = "water" and "phone" = "sound") is a microphone designed to be used underwater for recording or listening to underwater sound.
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Purchase low-budget hydrophone that guarantee high-yields, exclusively at Alibaba.com. Controlled conditions of hydrophone enhances the quality of the harvest.
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Hydrophone definition, a device for locating sources of sound under water, as for detecting submarines by the noise of their engines. See more.
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Hydrophone. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. A hydrophone (Ancient Greek ὕδωρ = water[1] and φωνή = sound[1]) is a microphone designed to be used underwater for recording or listening to...
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Hydrophone definition: an electroacoustic transducer that converts sound or ultrasonic waves travelling through... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.