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Interaktive elektronische Tafeln, Smart Boards für Schule, Büro und Veranstaltungen.
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IP.Board is the software that any online community needs to create their own online forum. Your site may survive a rebirth. Born this time with unique communication skills.
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IP.Board Releases. 1. 2. 8. [NULLED] IPS Community Suite - Current version.
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IP.Board, also known as Invision Power Board, IPB or IP Board has been created in 2002, and was IP Board 1.3 was the latest free version of Invision Power Board, and it served as a base to create a...
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About IP.Board Our experience Key features Guides and resources. Trusted by thousands of forums, large and small IP.Board is the leading solution for creating an engaging forum on the web.
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Invision Power Board (abbreviated IPB, IP.Board or IP Board) is an Internet forum software produced by Invision Power Services, Inc. It is written in PHP and primarily uses MySQL as a database...
How To Secure Invision Power Board (IPB)
This guide will show you how to increase the security of an Invision Power Board (IPB) installation. We'll walk through practical examples for you to follow to harden IPB, reducing your attack surface.