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Перевод контекст "is described here" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: What is described here is a useful system, given its early-warning character.
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Many translated example sentences containing "is described" - Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian [...] suitable for a smaller organization is described here.
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..."Here are described all elements with particular emphasis on performance process measures I agree with your sense that " Here described..." reads better, but I don't know that one is more or less...
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Since the table here is a row by column arrangement which contains information, described in will be used.
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Here is how he described it:. Two of them are described here. It cannot be described in words. Here is how Napoleon Hill describes it:. Kunstler describes one of the inmates
A.Read this description and guess what object is described here.B.Describe these objects:a This object is not very large,its as big as tennis ball,sometimes a little bigger of a little smaler.It is usually...
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But he is teaching something which is the object of study of linguistics, and is described by The developments described here were a part of structural changes driven by some general concept of a...
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describe / described / described / describing / describes. описывать. охарактеризовывать.
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Heterogeneity is described as being diverse in nature, or containing of different particles. The situation described here should be something that would relate to the position being applied to.
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Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Learn more. What multithreading paradigm is described here? Ask Question.
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Come on, none of the fanboys on here recognizes their idol without hairspray? The ulterior motive is all important in the assessment of different groups who have displayed the same outward behaviour.
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C. their active site is specific to the substrate. D. they increase the activation energy of a reaction E. their action may involve minerals. What process is described here?
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The college is sometimes described as being different from other colleges in being merely a large He is described as a grisly monster with a hundred dragons' heads, who was conquered and cast...
Помогите угодать что это такое ?) this object is not very large its as...
The message for wi-fi users is clear: if it isn't yours, don't use it.B. Seventeen-year-old Tan Luo was an online-game fan and played games at all hours of the day. Hedidn't have time to study and wasn't...
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The woman is described as white, young, with brown hair and is believed to be called Debbie. Eventually, data from this program will permit a more direct analysis of the process described here.
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This afternoon I'll be covering 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-12 feel free to share your thoughts on the meaning of these verses... Thanks again for tuning into my...
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which situation is not mention here.plz mention it. This site is using cookies under cookie policy. You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser.
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outlining. present invention is directed. referred herein.
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