jabber.org - the original XMPP instant messaging service
Jabber.org is the original IM service based on XMPP and one of the key nodes on the XMPP network. To log in, use an IM client like Adium, ChatSecure, Conversations, Gajim, Jitsi, Messages, Pidgin, Psi...
XMPP - Wikipedia
Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP, originally named Jabber) is an open communication protocol designed for instant messaging (IM), presence information, and contact list maintenance.
Download Cisco Jabber
Download Cisco Jabber or Cisco Jabber VDI. Also available on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
Jabber/XMPP Server List
This is in no way a complete list of the Jabber/XMPP servers on Intenrnet. There are also servers from the old jabber.org list that existed until 2008 and servers that people requested to include.
jabber.at - Free Jabber/XMPP server
A free, stable, secure and feature-rich Jabber/XMPP server. Join the free and open Jabber instant messaging network today!
Cisco Jabber Unified Communications solution delivers instant... - Cisco
Cisco Jabber delivers instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence. Find the right people, see whether and how they're available, and...
Xabber - open-source XMPP client for Android and Web
Register XMPP account for free. All the Xabber features, Professionally maintained, Avaliable on multiple platforms, Device Synchronization and more.
Download jabber client Windows, Mac OS, iOS.
Download jabber client for Windows which will guarantee the confidentiality of your correspondence, message history encryption, secure file transfer, support for ICQ, and more.