Jest · 🃏 Delightful JavaScript Testing
Jest is a JavaScript testing framework designed to ensure correctness of any JavaScript codebase. It allows you to write tests with an approachable, familiar and feature-rich API that gives you results...
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Jest (JavaScript framework) - Wikipedia
Jest is a JavaScript testing framework maintained by Facebook, Inc. designed and built by Christoph Nakazawa with a focus on simplicity and support for large web applications. It works with projects using Babel, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Angular, Vue.js and Svelte.
GitHub - facebook/jest: Delightful JavaScript Testing.
Delightful JavaScript Testing. Contribute to facebook/jest development by creating an account on GitHub.
Jest · 🃏 Painless JavaScript Testing
Jest is used by Facebook to test all JavaScript code including React applications. One of Jest's philosophies is to provide an integrated "zero-configuration" experience.
Jest cheatsheet
One-page guide to Jest: usage, examples, and more. A quick overview to Jest, a test framework for Node.js. This guide targets Jest v20.
Jest (@fbjest) | Твиттер
Jest update: we just published a new version of jest@beta which includes switching Jest core over to Babel 7 We'd love if you tested it out and let us know if you have any issues This will help us prep for...
Testing JavaScript with Jest
Jest is a library for testing JavaScript code. Visual Studio Code is a great editor for JavaScript development. The Jest extension offers a top notch integration for our tests.
Jest: перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры...
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jest - npm
Jest. 🃏 Delightful JavaScript Testing. 📸 Snapshot Testing: Jest can capture snapshots of React trees or other serializable values to simplify UI testing.
The Jest Handbook - Learn Advanced JavaScript Testing patterns with...
The Jest Handbook is for you. Learning outcomes. Gain a deep understanding of the options available to the Jest CLI and how to use different views to write and debug tests more effectively.
Jest documentation — DevDocs
Note: Jest documentation uses yarn commands, but npm will also work. You just successfully wrote your first test using Jest! This test used expect and toBe to test that two values were exactly identical.
Jest Configuration And Debugging Jest Based Tests
Learn about Jest Config, Debugging and comparing Jest with other JavaScript testing frameworks In this tutorial, we will learn more about Jest Config files and see how you can actually debug Jest tests...
Jest - TypeScript Deep Dive
Install the types for jest (@types/jest). Install the TypeScript compiler ('typescript') which is prerequisite for 'ts-jest'. Save all of these to your dev dependencies (testing is almost always a npm...
Jest .fn() and .spyOn() spy/stub/mock assertion reference · Code with...
Curious about Advanced Jest Testing Features? Jest expect has a chainable .not assertion which negates any following assertion. This is true for stub/spy assertions like .toBeCalled...
Jest Testing: A Helpful, Introductory Tutorial - Testim Blog
This Jest tutorial focuses on the Jest testing basics and vocabulary. Initially, Jest was created by Facebook specifically for testing React applications. It's one of the most popular ways of testing…
Endpoint testing with Jest and Supertest | Zell Liew
How to setup Jest and Supertest for endpoint testing. I used Jest as my test framework. You might have expected Express and Mongoose because everyone else seems to use those two frameworks.
javascript - Run only ONE test with Jest - Stack Overflow
Jest parallelizes test runs and it doesn't know upfront which tests it should run and which it shouldn't Source: Jest CLI Options. For example, I focus the test which I'm currently writing like this (with the...
Jest - Reviews, Pros & Cons | Companies using Jest
What is Jest? Jest provides you with multiple layers on top of Jasmine. Jest is a tool in the Javascript Testing Framework category of a tech stack. Jest is an open source tool with 34.4K GitHub...
Junior Enterprise for Science and Technology — JEST — was born from the interest in learning while working and By doing so, we hope to contribute positively to all involved in JEST - our partners, our...