JS1k - The JavaScript code golfing competition
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JS1K (@js1k) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from JS1K (@js1k). A formerly yearly code golfing competition where people submit JS demos of 1024 bytes or less. Visit the website for hours of fun and awesome :). An interpreter.
GitHub - premasagar/js1k: 1KB JavaScript apps ~ #1: Phi
1KB JavaScript apps ~ #1: Phi. Contribute to premasagar/js1k development by creating an account on GitHub.
JS1K. Marijn Haverbeke (@marijnjh). Write a JS demo in 1024 bytes or less. No external dependencies. Ran earlier this year (up to 10 September).
Period1K - JS1K 2016 Entry
Maximize JS Editor. Minimize JS Editor. Fold All.
js1k-compress - npm
Meet npm Enterprise - the ultimate in enterprise JavaScript.Learn more ». js1k-compress. Two source code compressors, for JS1K. Makes self-extracting JavaScript. Both are less than 1KB.
JS1K 2015 INVITATION by @p01
JS1k 2015, the yearly 1kb JavaScript contest Hopefully this little invitation will tingle the spider sense of talented developers and code golfers in time for them to submit high quality entries to JS1k 2015.
JS1K 2015: Defender
My winning entry for JS1K 2015 is a scrolling shooter inspired by the iconic arcade game, Defender. Last year, I entered JS1K for the first time with a game based on the 8-bit classic, Thrust.
The js1k Experience
not a JS1K winner. not your definitive guide. to writing good javascript. Closing Thoughts. js1k is no small thing. its like a marathon. where its better to have weeks of preparations.
javascript - 1000000 to 1M and 1000 to 1K and so on in JS
I have long numbers in JS and I'd like to make them appear in a shorter, and more eaisier to understand way..
JS1k post-mortem - evan - Medium
JS1k post-mortem. Ripping off Threes before it was cool. I thought I'd write up some notes about my JS1k entry, which was a re-interpretation of the excellent iOS and Android game Threes.
JS1K 2018 writeup | CodeSeek.co
Tutorials of (JS1K 2018 writeup) by y0natan | Download Code, Demos, Examples, HTML In this example below you will see how to do a JS1K 2018 writeup with some HTML / CSS and Javascript.
My JS1K Demo - The Making Of — Acko.net
I couldn't resist making a demo for the JS1K contest. So I pulled out my bag of tricks from my If you haven't seen it yet, check out the JS1K demo contest. The goal is to do something neat in 1 kilobyte...
JS1K 演示 | | 酷 壳 - CoolShell
以前本站发布过很多和Javascript相关的东西,如:《又一个Javascript试验田》、《一个Windows 3.1的Web网站》、《哥是玩程序的》。
My entry to JS1k 2018: "Zap" › Evan Hahn (dot com)
In short: check out my entry to JS1k 2018. JS1k is a contest where developers must build something impressive using only one kilobyte of JavaScript.
JS1K 2017 - The Arecibo Message - YouTube
Узнать причину. Закрыть. JS1K 2017 - The Arecibo Message.
Kevs3D - JS1K demos by Kevin Roast
JS1K entries use a number of very neat tricks to keep the code as small as possible. They are well worth looking up as you will learn some interesting JavaScript details! Some of it is pretty mental...
js1k | Somethinghitme
Update Submission for the js1k competition. My 3rd, and final one only the last one you enter is judged and I think this is going to be as good as it gets from me that is.
JS1k: La mejor competencia de proyectos JavaScript en... - NeoTeo
La página oficial explica que JS1k comenzó en el año 2010 como una especie de broma recurrente, pero no tomó demasiado tiempo para que se convierta en una competencia real.
JS1K | Will Scott
New #js1k dweets | Dwitter
dwitter.net | #js1k. Login.
JS1k | Galactic.ink
JS1k is challenge presented by Peter van der Zee to design the most creative use out of 1kb of Javascript. Many beautiful demos have been added in the first few days: mr. doob, hyperandroid...
The JS1k Competition Returns — SitePoint
The js1k competition is back. While it may have started as a joke, it continues to attract amazing entries from JavaScript ninjas eager to demonstrate their coding prowess.
JS1K Winners Announced
JS1K is a yearly competition challenging JavaScript developers to create impressive JavaScript programs, games or demos no larger than 1 kilobyte.