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Download KOffice for free. KOffice is a free and comprehensive office suite integrating perfectly into KDE.
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KOffice - is an integrated office suite based on the platform KDE. KOffice features with a full set of applications that work together without overlapping, to improve the user experience with applications.
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KOffice. Отметки "Нравится": 561 · Обсуждают: 1. KOffice is an integrated office suite built on the KDE platform.
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KOffice is a free and lightweight office suite made for the K Desktop Environment or KDE for short, which is one of several or 5 different office tools are offered in the KOffice office suite, you get
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Currently KOffice has functionality well-suited for home and SOHO users, who generally write letters, faxes, memos and similar documents. The KDE Project today announced the release of KOffice 1.1.
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KOffice by The KOffice Team. KOffice is a free open source office suite that runs natively on KDE. It encourages OpenOffice fileformats. KOffice is full-featured with the suite comprising of 10 different...
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KOffice - A powerful office suite. Updated: August 14, 2009. KOffice is an excellent choice for the average Linux user, who wants to have a fully featured, robust and beautiful free office suite.
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KOffice is a free office suite for KDE platforms but is also compatible with Mac OS X and Windows. Out of dissatisfaction, in 2010, a portion of the developers is separated from the KOffice community.
KOffice - Free Software Directory Office suite for KDE. KOffice was a free and open source office suite and graphics suite by KDE for Unix-like systems and Windows. KOffice contains a word processor (KWord), a spreadsheet (KSpread), a presentation program...
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Size: 72 MB. Windows. Category: UNIX. A reliable and feature-packed suite of office applications for managing text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, charts and formulas.
Calligra. Calligra Suite is an office and graphic art suite by KDE. It is available for desktop PCs, tablet computers, and smartphones. It contains applications for word processing, spreadsheets...
KOffice is an unmaintained free and open source office suite and graphics suite by KDE for Unix-like KOffice contains a word processor (KWord), a spreadsheet (KSpread), a presentation program...
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Download KOffice and make the most of one of the most complete office packages that you can find Create all sorts of documents with KOffice. Although nobody has any doubts about the efficiency of...
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KOffice. Имя разработчика: Open Source.
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KOffice (pronounced "K-office") was an integrated office suite for the K Desktop Environment (KDE), a desktop interface for Unix systems. It was first released in 2000 and the final version was published in...
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KOffice is a free and open-source office suite. It is designed to integrate well into the KDE desktop environment. Performance can be significantly better on lower-end computers than OpenOffice, as it uses natively compile code, rather than Java. Official site. Categories: Stub. Office suites.