Laradock is a full PHP development environment for Docker. Pre-configured NGINX to host any code at your root directory. Can use Laradock per project, or single Laradock for all projects.
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Laradock Quick Start (Laravel + Docker) Tutorial | by Sam Ngu | Medium
Laradock is the Docker counterpart of Laravel Homestead. While both tools could provide a robust development environment, Laradock offers the following benefits: Lightweight and scalable.
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Laradock - PHP Redis extension is installed and enabled. I am very new to docker and laradock, but I am trying to figure out how to create a new container that comes with composer 2.0 (or latest)...
Use Laradock with Traefik (and HTTPS) | DK | Blog
Image 1: Laradock and traefik. Developing with Laravel feels great and comfortable due to the nice ecosystem. With Homestead or Valet (but only for Mac) one gets a ready to go development...
Laravel Docker: Learning, Installing and Using | Fuzzy Duck
Laradock is a full PHP development environment for Docker that has been tailored to Laravel. Getting Laradock up and running is pretty straight forward thanks to the documentation.
Laravel Development Using PostgreSQL and Laradock · Kagunda JM
Laradock uses Docker to easily setup up a development environment for PHP projects. Git will be required in order to clone the Laradock repository. You can find out if Git is installed on your...
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LaraDock/laradock. A full PHP development environment for Docker. People. Thanks for joining guys! Keep coming so we can discuss great things further for LaraDock.
Running Laravel projects on Windows 10 using Docker |
In this blogpost we're going to create the Basic Task List example from the Laravel documentation using LaraDock instead of Homestead on Vagrant. To get started I assume: you have installed Docker.
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laradock. Sign up. Why GitHub? laradock. Full PHP development environment for Docker.
Laradock Production Setup | IMWZ - Bespoke DevOps Work
Blog. Laradock Production Setup. December 15, 2018. By Jasper Frumau. So based on his tutorial and stuff I learned and found elsewhere I will be writing my own Laradock Production setup.
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Laravel + Docker - MazeCube | Laradock Project
Laradock is a set of pre-configured, independent Docker images, which you can involve basing on the requirements of your project. It is well documented and extremely easy to use.
Guide: Set Up Laravel 5.3 with Docker + LaraDock + Let's Encrypt...
$root@midascode:~/laravel/laradock/nginx# docker-compose down $root@midascode If you're having difficulty creating the LaraDock containers, ensure that you have first run # cp .env.example...
Laravel - Using Laradock | laravel Tutorial
Laradock is a project that provides a ready to go contains tailored for Laravel use. Change directory into Laradock and generate the .env file needed to run your configurations
LaraDock Homestead for Docker | Laravel News
LaraDock is a Laravel Homestead Docker project that aims to bring Homestead to Docker. LaraDock strives to make the development experience easier. It contains pre-packaged Docker Images that...
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#laradock question - how can I update patch version of php? D23, D24 of #100DaysofCode I feel silly that just now Ive discovered #laradock site where I can simply download preconfigured docker...
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Laradock là một môi trường phát triển dành cho PHP dựa trên Docker. Với phương châm "Use Docker first and learn about it Laradock hiểu đơn giản là Docker và Laravel - một package được cấu hình...
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Laradock helps you run your PHP Apps on Docker quickly. Follow me on Twitter In part 2 we are going to continue setting up Laradock. Please let me know if I missed anything, or if...
Laradock. Full PHP development environment for Docker. Laradock is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by the support of all these smart and...