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Legacy code is source code that relates to a no-longer supported or manufactured operating system or other computer technology. The term can also mean code inserted into modern software for the purpose of maintaining an older or previously supported feature - for example supporting a serial...
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"Legacy Code". If you work in IT, that's a term you'll hear often in your career. Developers talk about it a lot. Usually with a lot of negative connotations. But what exactly do they call "Legacy Code"?
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Nearly every developer has had an experience where they had to work with or maintain code that was outdated or even written someone else.
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Legacy code is source code inherited from someone else or inherited from an older version of the Why Is Legacy Code a Challenge? The biggest challenge with working with older or unfamiliar code...
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I must admit I'm kind of allergic to the term "legacy code". It's a phrase that often gets used when a programmer joins a project and they don't like the existing codebase.
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Legacy code refers to an application system source code type that is no longer supported. Legacy code can also refer to unsupported operating systems, hardware and formats.
This MATLAB function displays instructions for using Legacy Code Tool.
legacy_code('compile', specs, compilerOptions) compiles and links the S-function generated by the Legacy Code Tool based on the data structure, specs, and compiler options that you might specify.
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It's an ongoing project, it's been started ten years ago and many developers have worked on it. Youre maybe the 100′th dev to keep it alive. The code base, the code that's so aged no ones knows why it...
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Interoperating with Legacy Code. Until now, all our examples have assumed an idealized world, where everyone is using the latest version of the Java programming language, which supports generics.
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Legacy code is code inherited from another developer or team which uses older technologies that are no longer supported or have been superceded by a newer version.
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Legacy code is usually orphaned in some way. The lead developer, the only guy who understood it, got hit by a bus, and his notes were written in his native Ukrainian dialect, which is now a dead language.
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The legacy code style? Deal with it! When you're working with the legacy code, it feels like jumping into a pool of dark water, where you don't see how deep the pool is or what junk is floating around.
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Legacy code is not just old code, or stuff other people wrote, or even code that is in production. Legacy Code n. - code without tests. Some great books that will help you work with LegacyCode are
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Последние твиты от Legacy Code (@legacycodegame). Fast movement and momentum focused action roguelike. Explore the ruins of a 70s retro futuristic Earth! Basically a cross between Spelunky...