Live Profiler - PHP performance tool
Live Profiler is a system-wide performance monitoring system in Live Profiler continually gathers function-level profiler data from production tier by running a sample of page requests under XHProf.
GitHub - Live Profiler
Live Profiler is a system-wide performance monitoring system in use at Badoo that is built on top of XHProf or its forks (Uprofiler or Tideways). Live Profiler continually gathers function-level profiler...
Liveprof покажет, когда и почему менялась... / Хабр
Run a script to configure database LIVE_PROFILER_CONNECTION_URL=mysql://db_user:db_password@db_mysql:3306/Profiler...
GitHub - cpv-project/live-profiler: Header only library for real time...
cd live-profiler/examples/CpuSampleFrequencyAnalyzer sh a.out 20000. It collects the running status of all programs named "a.out" in real time, and output the report after 20 seconds.
Lifeprof: our bespoke solution for reviewing your PHP... | Medium
Profiler is a tool used for optimising the performance of PHP apps in particular. It's a PHP extension that allows you to profile your code on a prod server, and keep improving it afterwards.
Performics Live Profiler on Vimeo Institutional motion design for the lauche of Performics Live Profiler Art direction and Motion designer : Jean Ledieu Producer : Performics. Upload, livestream, and create your own videos...
Live Profiler, IT, United Kingdom, London, Camden — Yandex.Maps
Live Profiler ⭐ , United Kingdom, London, Camden: photos, address, and phone number, opening hours, photos, and user reviews on Yandex.Maps.
A Guide to Java Profilers | Baeldung
If you have a few years of experience in the Java ecosystem, and you're interested in sharing that experience with the community (and getting paid for your work of course)...
NVIDIA Visual Profiler | NVIDIA Developer
The NVIDIA Visual Profiler is a cross-platform performance profiling tool that delivers developers vital feedback for optimizing CUDA C/C++ applications. First introduced in 2008, Visual Profiler supports...
live profiler
live profiler optimisation performance php pinba xhprof.
django-live-profiler · PyPI
Run pip install django-live-profiler. Optionally add 'profiler.middleware.StatProfMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES to enable Python code statistical profiling (using statprof).
ProfilerLive transforms visibility giving you instant access to the live status and progress of any location, defined group, or individual in your entire organisation. ProfilerLive's flexible architecture works with...
Profiling (computer programming) - Wikipedia
In software engineering, profiling ("program profiling", "software profiling") is a form of dynamic program analysis that measures, for example, the space (memory) or time complexity of a program, the usage of particular instructions, or the frequency and duration of function calls.
VisualVM: Startup Profiler
Startup Profiler plugin for VisualVM 1.3.6 and newer enables instrumented profiling of local Java 5+ applications from their startup. It is also helpful when profiling short-running processes.
c# - What Are Some Good .NET Profilers? - Stack Overflow
What profilers have you used when working with .net programs, and which would you particularly I prefer the way that ANTS presents the profiling results. It shows you the source code and to the left...
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Kemper Profiler Live | Clip-Share
Kelly Back - Kemper Profiler Amp vs Amp with PRS McCarty 594 Guitar Nashville session player, Kelly Back, tells us 8 things to ... I deleted all my old live Kemper profiles as I wanted to start fresh.
Java Profiler - JProfiler
JProfiler is the leading Java Profiler for profiling on the JVM. JProfiler's intuitive UI helps you resolve performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and understand threading issues.
dotTrace Profiler: .NET Profiling Experience Like No Other by JetBrains
Profile static methods and unit tests. You can instantly get comprehensive profiling data without having to build your solution, run the profiler and perform a usage scenario.