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Lock-freedom allows individual threads to starve but guarantees system-wide throughput. An algorithm is lock-free if, when the program threads are run for a sufficiently long time...
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A Golang lock-free thread-safe HashMap optimized for fastest read access. Allocation-free and lock-free memory pool library written in golang using treiber stack.
An Introduction to Lock-Free Programming
Lock-free programming is a challenge, not just because of the complexity of the task itself, but because of how difficult it can be to penetrate the subject in the first place.
Fear and Loathing in Lock-Free Programming - Tyler Neely - Medium
Lock-free techniques allow multiple threads to work together in a non-blocking way, often achieving Yet lock-free systems are pervasive. Some memory allocators rely on a lock-free radix tree at their...
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SpinWait and Lock-Free code. Lock-free data structures: the stack. The aba problem. Interlocked operations don't solve everything.
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I have seen people/articles/SO posts who say they have designed their own "lock-free" container for multithreaded usage. Assuming they haven't used a performance-hitting modulus trick...
std::atomic_is_lock_free... -
atomic_storeatomic_store_explicit. (C++11)(C++11). atomic_loadatomic_load_explicit. (C++11)(C++11). atomic_exchangeatomic_exchange_explicit. (C++11)(C++11)...
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Chapter 22. Boost.Lockfree - 1.63.0
Lock-free data structures will be a better choice in order to optimize the latency of a system or to avoid priority inversion, which may be necessary in real-time applications.
Lock-free Data Structures. 1 — Introduction
Lock-free condition guarantees forwarding at least one thread while the stronger wait-free condition So what are lock-free algorithms are characterized by? I think the first thing evident is their complexity.
Lock-free programming with modern C++ - Timur Doumler [ACCU 2017]
Lock-free programming is an important technique for writing thread-safe code for low-latency and real-time applications. It is also often regarded as...
Lock Free Queue - Unify Community Wiki
Author: Fredrik Ludvigsen (Steinbitglis). This queue lets you simultaneously enqueue and dequeue items, even from multiple threads. Instantiate a LockFreeQueue<T> for your specific data type, and use the queue to send stuff one way to / from other worker threads etc.
Lock-Free and Wait-Free, definition and examples
After searching around in Google, I found that there is no single place that properly explains the different Progress Conditions that a concurrent algorithm or data structure may provide.
C11 Lock-free Stack « null program
Lock-free data structures are trickier and nastier than I expected, more so than traditional mutex locks. Getting it right requires very specific help from the hardware, too, so it won't run just anywhere.
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atomic::is_lock_free - C++ Reference
Indicates whether the object is lock-free. A lock-free object does not cause other threads to be blocked when accessed (possibly using some sort of transactional memory for the type).
A Lock Free Doubly Linked List - CodeProject
The lock free linked list data structure differs from sequential linked list in following ways; -Each operation in the sequential doubly linked list (Insert, Delete) has an argument list and local variables.
How to Write a Lock-Free Queue - DZone Web Dev
Update: I did mention that lock free data structures are really hard to write, it looks like there might be some issues that haven't been addressed in the implementation of this LF Queue that we're...
Common Pitfalls in Writing Lock-Free Algorithms - MemSQL Blog
Lock-free programming aims to solve concurrency problems without locks. Instead, lock-free algorithms rely on atomic primitives such as the classic "compare-and-swap" which atomically...