PostgreSQL: Documentation: 10: Chapter 31. Logical Replication
Logical replication is a method of replicating data objects and their changes, based upon their replication identity (usually a primary key). We use the term logical in contrast to physical...
An Overview of Logical Replication in PostgreSQL | Severalnines
PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced open source databases in the world with a lot of great features. One of them is Streaming Replication (Physical Replication)...
Using PostgreSQL logical replication with Aurora - Amazon Aurora
PostgreSQL logical replication provides fine-grained control over replicating and synchronizing parts of a database. For example, you can use logical replication to replicate an individual table of a...
Logical Replication in PostgreSQL Explained | EDB
SUMMARY: This post discusses logical replication in PostgreSQL. It reviews the differences between physical or binary replication and logical or transactional replication.
Replication Between PostgreSQL Versions Using Logical...
Logical replication in PostgreSQL allows users to perform a selective replication of a few tables and open a standby for writes. Whereas physical replication in PostgreSQL is a block level replication.
Easy Steps to Set up PostgreSQL Logical Replication
The logical replication in PostgreSQL follows the steps given below: Step 1: A snapshot of the publishing database is copied to the subscriber. This step is also called the table synchronization phase.
PostgreSQL Logical Replication | How Logical Replication works
PostgreSQL logical replication is used to replicate the table from master to slave, we are replicating the specified table using logical replication in PostgreSQL.
Logical Replication with PostgreSQL 10 - YouTube
A quick start tutorial to demonstrate the native logical replication feature in PostgreSQL 10.
Logical Replication - Database Tutorials
Logical replication works at the object level unlike streaming replication which works at the cluster level, so you can replicate individual tables as per requirements such as logging,analysis,backup, etc.
Difference between Stream Replication and logical replication
TL;DR: Logical replication sends row-by-row changes, physical replication sends disk block Logical replication is better for some tasks, physical replication for others. As of 9.5 logical...
Recovery use cases for Logical Replication in PostgreSQL 10 | Medium
Logical replication is a common case of data denormalization. We usually put some data in normal form in one place and then we need to redistribute it to a different place and even to a different...
How To Set Up Logical Replication with PostgreSQL... | DigitalOcean
In a logical replication scheme, high-level write operations are streamed from a master database In this tutorial, you will configure logical replication with PostgreSQL 10 on two Ubuntu 18.04 servers...
PostgreSQL Logical Replication Gotchas - pgDash
Compared to streaming replication, the logical replication feature is perfect for replicating, say, a single schema or a set of tables in a specific database to another server.
Logical Replication in PostgreSQL 10 - 2ndQuadrant | PostgreSQL
Logical replication uses the same information in the binary file, but translates it back into logical changes. For example, we know that a row with some data was inserted into a specific table...
An Overview of Logical Replication in... - Highgo Software Inc.
Logical Replication appeared in Postgres10, it came along with number of keywords like 'logical Logical Replication support table-level data synchronization, in princial it is very different from...
GitHub - kibae/pg-logical-replication: PostgreSQL Logical...
PostgreSQL Logical Replication client for node.js. Contribute to kibae/pg-logical-replication development by creating an account on GitHub.
Logical and Physical Replication | Npgsql Documentation
An additional logical replication plugin which Npgsql supports is test_decoding. This plugin outputs textual representations of events, which are less efficient and need to be parsed...
PostgreSQL - logical replication with pglogical - Blog dbi services
Although PostgreSQL 10 integrate native logical replication (have a look here or here), it is always interesting to be aware of alternative solutions to the available in-core features.
Logical replication with PostgreSQL 10 | Hacker Noon
Why logical replication? Currently with 9.x, we have built-in streaming replication which works on physical WAL data. Logical replication is based on publications and subscriptions.
Logical Replication in PostgreSQL 10 - OpsDash
What streaming replication cannot do is to replicate a subset of the data in the main server. But now with logical replication, it's possible to do most of these without external tools.
Logical replication internals | Select * from Adrien
We will see postgres internals about logical replication. To ease comprehension, I added charts in Netdata that I presented in a previous article. I invite you to click on the images to enlarge them...