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Mass media are tools for the transfer of information, concepts, and ideas to both general and specific audiences. They are important tools in advancing public health goals.
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Mass media is a term denoting that section of the media specifically designed to reach a very Mass media can be one of the hardest forms of media within which to decipher what is true and what is not.
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Mass media is media that is intended for a large audience. It may take the form of broadcast media, as in the case of television and radio, or print media, like newspapers and magazines.
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Technically, mass media is any transmission of information that reaches large numbers of people, usually within a short time frame, in a one-to-many communication flow.
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Among the several mass media, newspaper and farm magazine are commonly used. They have a vital role to play in the communication of agricultural information among the literate farmers.
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Mass media (that is, the press, the radio and television) play an important role in the life of society. They inform, educate and entertain people.
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Mass media also functions to bring people together. And there are entire internet-based communities that are focused on things like LGBT rights or childcare, or fans of music groups that sing songs about...
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We know that mass communication is a process of disseminating messages to a large number of audiences through some forms of technology at a time.
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2011: We ported Space Marine from Xbox 360 and PC. The Midway 1, 2 and 3 - PS Home. Published by Mass Media.
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Mass media definition, any of the means of communication, as television or newspapers, that mass media. pl n. the means of communication that reach large numbers of people in a short time, such as...
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Mass Media is that means of communication which is intended to reach and influence large number of audience and have technical capacity to deliver information to millions of people in short duration.
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The mass media can influence to be for or against something because it is the main way in which The mass media act as an enforcer of social values in many ways. One way in which they do this is...
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Mass media refers to any type of communication, be it written, spoken, or broadcast, that reaches a large audience. This includes radio, television, film, the Internet, magazines, newspapers, or any other...
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mass media (singular mass medium). Collectively, the communications media, especially television, radio, and newspapers, that reach the mass of the people.
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mass media. synonyms - similar meaning - 271. Lists. Tell my friends about Power Thesaurus. 10. media outlets. exp.