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I've finished building and testing the Megaprocessor. Here is a short tour showing what it's made of. (There was an error in the audio settings for the...
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Megaprocessor. 1,619 likes · 1 talking about this. The Megaprocessor is a processor built so as to make its operation visible.
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The Megaprocessor is a processor built so as to make its operation visible. It's big enough to walk inside and there's 4000... See more of Megaprocessor on Facebook.
The Megaprocessor is an awe-inspiring multi-ton CPU... | TechCrunch
Aug 19, 2016 · The Megaprocessor is an awe-inspiring multi-ton CPU project.
Meet the Megaprocessor: A 20kHz behemoth CPU... - ExtremeTech
The Megaprocessor is a 16-bit design with four general-purpose registers, a program counter, a If you're wondering how a person ends up building a Megaprocessor in the first place, Newman notes...
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Downloading... Want to be notified of new releases in MarquisdeGeek/MegaProcessor? There are three short examples using the MegaProcessor version of SGX.
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Ever wondered anything about the #worldrecord holding #megaprocessor in our lobby? James is in today to answer any questions! #cambridge
Man Builds Giant 16-Bit 'Megaprocessor' in His Living Room
Newman has said that while he'd like for the megaprocessor to have some educational aspect, it's As it stands he's provided a walking tour of the megaprocessor: Newman's creation calls to mind the...
UK Man Builds Massive 'Megaprocessor' to Play Tetris
Briton James Newman spent four years constructing the Megaprocessor in his living room.
This Brilliant Man Converted His Lounge Into A Giant Megaprocessor
A software engineer has turned his lounge into the world's best computer room by building a megaprocessor.
Man Builds a Room-Sized 'Megaprocessor' for Playing... | Mental Floss
His so-called "Megaprocessor" uses 40,000 transistors and 10,000 LED lights, and requires about Outside of its value as an educational tool, the megaprocessor doesn't serve much of a practical...
Wow your dinner guests with a massive Megaprocessor - The Verge
Newman is building a 45-feet wide, 6-feet tall Megaprocessor. Here are some quick stats on the Megaprocessor, but seriously, please feign surprise if you're ever at his house for dinner
The Megaprocessor: half-ton machine reveals exactly... | WIRED UK
Exhibited at the Centre for Computer History, The Megaprocessor consists of seven panels, is two metres high and almost 10 metres end-to-end. It's a completely unique project...
Understand Microprocessors By Looking at This Beautiful Blinking...
It has been dubbed "The Megaprocessor" and its creator, James Newman To really grok the fine details, you'll have to pay a visit to the museum itself and spend some time with The Megaprocessor.
Room-sized Megaprocessor sheds light on the secret life of microchips
In an effort to make it easier to understand how these marvels of modern technology actually work, engineer James Newman has built a room-sized computer he calls the Megaprocessor .
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The Megaprocessor is a microprocessor built on a huge scale. It consists of seven panels, is two metres high Since the Megaprocessor is not based on any single computer or chip architecture, it...
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"Like all modern processors the Megaprocessor is built from transistors," he writes. "It's just that instead of using teeny-weeny ones integrated on a silicon chip it uses discrete individual ones...