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miniaturization definition: 1. the process of making something very small using modern technology: 2. the process of making…. Meaning of miniaturization in English.
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miniaturization Существительное. miniaturization / miniaturizations.
English contemporary dictionary. miniaturizationMiniaturization Миниатюризация Цель многих технологий. miniaturization — the evolution of small size, e.g. in various cyprinid and gobiid fishes.
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Miniaturization is one of the recent promising approaches for greening LC separations by An effective strategy to reduce solvent consumption is the reduction in column volume via miniaturization.
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Miniaturization (Br.Eng.: Miniaturisation) is the trend to manufacture ever smaller mechanical, optical and electronic products and devices. Examples include miniaturization of mobile phones...
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Video shows what miniaturization means. the act or process of miniaturizing or making smaller. something that has been miniaturized or made smaller...
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Advances in electronics miniaturization and microelectronics are solving technology challenges across markets, from new frontiers in space exploration enabled by lighter electronics payloads to medical...
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Define miniaturization. miniaturization synonyms, miniaturization pronunciation, miniaturization translation, English dictionary definition of miniaturization - act of making on a greatly reduced scale.
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Английский → Итальянский - miniaturization. [miniaturization (Amer.) ] s. miniaturizzazione, riduzione a dimensioni minime.
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miniaturization (countable and uncountable, plural miniaturizations). The act or process of miniaturizing or making smaller. Something that has been miniaturized or made smaller.
Hair Miniaturization: Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Hair miniaturization is a thinning of the hair follicles that leads to a receding hairline or balding. How to Reduce and Prevent Hair Follicle Miniaturization.
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miniaturization \ ˌmi- nē- ə- ˌchu̇r- ə- ˈzā- shən , ˌmi- ni- , ˌmin- yə- , - chər- , - ˌtyu̇r- , - ˌtu̇r- \ noun. Examples of miniaturize in a Sentence. Technology has made it possible to miniaturize electronic...
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miniaturisation, la miniaturisation, de miniaturisation, une miniaturisation, miniaturisation des.
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MINIATURIZATION Meaning: "process of using technology to make something very small," 1947, from miniaturize + noun ending -ation.… See definitions of miniaturization.
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Hair miniaturization is a phenomenon in which strands of hair become thinner, shorter, more brittle, or weak with each successive progression through the hair growth cycle. Over time, the miniaturization...
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Miniaturization is that the heart of the architectural process. This is due to the massive scale change between what we draw and what gets built. Is the imagination of buildings an act of miniaturization?
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'At the tiniest end of the spectrum, miniaturization is showing the promise of a nano-world, where everything we take for granted about the physical universe is up for grabs.'
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Definitions of miniaturization word. verb with object miniaturization to make in extremely small size in order to keep volume or weight to a minimum: to miniaturize electronic equipment. 1.
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U.S. experts who have looked at his previous creations characterize him as a genius at the miniaturization of bombs. Derived forms of miniaturize. miniaturization or miniaturisation, noun.