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Checks shape, concentration, motility, and number of sperm.— Andrew Weil "Esophageal motility" refers to the action of the esophagus walls' musculature in propelling food downward to the stomach.—
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motility перевод в словаре английский - русский. Preliminary results show that body motility is higher in children than in adults.
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motility Существительное. motility / motilities.
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Motility is the ability of a cell or organism to move of its own accord by expending energy. Means of motility can range from animals' use of muscles to single cells which may have microscopic...
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motility definition: 1. the ability of plants, organisms, and very small forms of of life to be able to move by…. Meaning of motility in English.
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In biology, motility is the ability of organisms and fluid to move or get around. An easy way to remember that motility means the ability to move without help is the mot- at the root of the word.
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Define motility. motility synonyms, motility pronunciation, motility translation, English dictionary definition of motility. adj. 1. Biology Moving or having the power to move spontaneously: motile spores.
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Motility is genetically determined , [5] but may be affected by environmental factors such as toxins. The nervous system and musculoskeletal system provide the majority of mammalian motility.
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Another word for motility. Find more ways to say motility, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
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Quality Control of Motility Test. References. Motility Test- Principle, Procedure and Results. To determine the motility of bacterium. To differentiate between motile and non motile bacteria.
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motility (countable and uncountable, plural motilities). (uncountable) The state of being motile (moving). (countable) The degree to which something is motile.
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Motility definition, the ability to move spontaneously, or the rate or degree of such movement:Advanced zinc deficiency can impair the motility and number of sperm. See more.
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In biology, motility is the ability to move spontaneously and actively, consuming energy in the process. It is not to be confused with mobility, which describes the ability of an object to be moved.
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Meaning of motility. What does motility mean? Information and translations of motility in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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Cell motility is the capacity of cells to translocate onto a solid substratum. This behavior is often a In epithelial cells, cell motility occurs after the dissociation of a cell from its neighboring cell(s) and after...
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Motility is closely linked with chemotaxis, the ability to orientate along certain chemical gradients. The capacity for true motility or self-propulsion is present in a great variety of cells, but not all of them.
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MOTILITY Meaning: "capacity of automatic or spontaneous movement," 1827, from French motilité (1827), from Latin mot-,… See definitions of motility.
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Cell Motility. Many cells are capable of motility. These include neutrophils that crawl to sites of infection, fibroblasts that move through connective tissue to remodel and repair the tissue, and some...
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motility. capable of movement: capable of or demonstrating movement by independent means. That guy's motility is going down. His ability of moving around is decreasing.
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Motility patterns of Gram-negative bacteria is also used for the identification of bacteria. So in this blog post, I am sharing information about characteristic motility patterns of some bacteria.
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'Sperm motility and progression were determined as described above.' 'Recent studies have revealed that the motility of this cell is based on a membrane motor that directly uses electrical energy.'