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Multiplatform programming | Kotlin
Multiplatform projects are in Alpha. Language features and tooling may change in future Kotlin versions. Support for multiplatform programming is one of Kotlin's key benefits.
Open Broadcaster Software®️ | OBS
OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record your own videos with high...
GitHub - dmitrish/kinsight-multiplatform: Kotlin Multiplatform Concept...
Kotlin Multiplatform Concept - iOS, MacOS, WatchOS (SwiftUI), Android (phone and Wear OS), JVM Web Kotlin Multiplatform project: Sharing code between iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, Android (phone...
Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile - Plugins | JetBrains
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Multiplatform Definition
In the consumer gaming market, multiplatform games run on more than one gaming machine. For example, a sports game developed for Xbox, Playstation, GameCube, and PC would be a...
A Practical Intro to Kotlin Multiplatform | Bugsnag Blog
Kotlin Multiplatform is an experimental language feature that allows you to run Kotlin in JavaScript This blog post will explore the current state of Kotlin Multiplatform by building a simple app that runs...
Kotlin Multiplatform - What is Kotlin Multiplatform Guide & Intro for...
Introduction to Kotlin Multiplatform explains what Kotlin Multiplatform is, technical explination of KMP & guide to getting started quickly with KMP.
Multiplatform | Ktor
Multiplatform. Edit page. Last modified: 18 March 2021. For a multiplatform project, you need to add these dependencies as follows: To use the Ktor client in common code, add the dependency to...
Kotlin Multiplatform + Rx + MVVM. Step-by-step... | ProAndroidDev
Reaktive(Kotlin multiplatform implementation of RXs): v1.1.18. Kodein(A multiplatform Dependency Injection library): 7.1.0. Goal 🎯. Step by step creating a working sample app, then at...
Getting started with Kotlin MultiPlatform
Kotlin Multiplatform says that, it will take care of the buisness logic and we just need to take care of How does Kotlin Multiplatform work? Here, if you can visualize when we write the Kotlin Shared code...
Newest 'multiplatform' Questions - Stack Overflow
Questions tagged [multiplatform]. Ask Question. Software and methods said to be platform I want to use libgdx for two reasons: The code must be cross-platform. I prefer to use java as a...
multiplatform — с английского на русский
multiplatform — UK [ˈmʌltiˌplætfɔː(r)m] US [ˈmʌltiˌplætfɔrm] US [ˈmʌltaɪˌplætfɔrm] adjective computing multiplatform software can run on several different types of computer system Thesaurus...
Multi-platform television - Wikipedia
Multi-platform television (also known as multiplatform entertainment and transmedia storytelling) is "a mode of storytelling that plays itself out across multiple entertainment channels". Each medium that the story unfolds across makes a distinctive contribution.
Link-OS Multiplatform SDK | Zebra | Zebra Technologies
Link-OS Multiplatform SDK. Use the Multiplatform Software Development Kit to Create Custom Apps. The robust Link-OS® Multiplatform Software Development Kit enables app creation on PCs...
Multiplatform | Unity
Industry-leading multiplatform support. Build once, deploy anywhere.