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Neuropixels. Neuropixels is the first fully-integrated silicon CMOS digital neural probe that combines best-in-class performance with unrivalled cost-effectiveness and reliability for...
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About Neuropixels. Neuropixels probes were developed through an international collaboration funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Wellcome Trust, Gatsby Charitable...
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Neuropixels probes are electrodes developed in 2017 to record the activity of hundreds of neurons in the brain. The probes are based on CMOS technology and have 1,000 recording sites on a thin...
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Each Neuropixels probe packs 960 recording sites onto a shank that's 10-mm long and 70 microns wide—a density that's only possible thanks to CMOS manufacturing.
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Information about Neuropixels electrode arrays. Contribute to cortex-lab/neuropixels development by creating an account on GitHub.
Neuropixels 2.0: A miniaturized high-density probe for stable... | bioRxiv
To address this need, we introduce the Neuropixels 2.0 probe together with novel analysis algorithms. The new probe has over 5,000 sites and is miniaturized such that two probes plus a headstage...
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UCL is the number one London university for Research Strength (REF2014), recognised for its academic excellence and global impact.
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The Visual Coding - Neuropixels project uses high-density extracellular electrophysiology (Ecephys) probes to record spikes from a wide variety of regions in the mouse brain.
Unseen Ideas #1: NeuroPixel probes - Making sense of the 70 billion...
The human brain is the most complex object in the universe. Decades of research, billions of pounds of funding but we still don't know how decisions are...
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Each Neuropixels probe uses technology identical to that found in your smart phone to enable Seeing neuronal activity in hi-def. The Neuropixels probes enable observation of the activity of...
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Neuropixels represent a major leap forward in neural recording technology. By leveraging CMOS manufacturing, the process that produces the chips inside our cameras and phones...
Neuropixels Technology Ready for Release | HHMI.org
Neuropixels, a new neural-recording technology that lets scientists simultaneously monitor hundreds of neurons The release of Neuropixels follows five years of development supported by a $5.5 million...
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Neuropixels probes shipment has landed safely in Sweden. We used #Neuropixels to record from retinal axons in optic tract: firing was correlated with running in darkness. pic.twitter.com/O9vqeStf1j.
Chronically implanted Neuropixels probes enable high-yield recordings...
The advent of high-yield electrophysiology using Neuropixels probes is now enabling researchers to simultaneously record hundreds of neurons with remarkably high signal to noise.
'Neuropixels' Expand Access to the Brain
A wafer with Neuropixels probes and test devices. Most electrophysiology experiments track tens of individual cells. Neuropixels can record from hundreds or even thousands of cells.
Neuropixel.ImecDataset - Neuropixel Utilities
The Neuropixel.ImecDataset class wraps one individual recording session acquired with SpikeGLX. You construct a Neuropixel.ImecDataset by pointing it at the path to your dataset.
Neuropixels Data-Acquisition System: A Scalable Platform for Parallel...
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Implanting and Recycling Neuropixels Probes for Recordings ..
Recently, Neuropixels probes have made important strides in improving yield and lowering noise, but have limited use cases in freely moving animals. Although there are a number of studies...
The BRAIN Initiative® 2.0: From Cells to Circuits... | Brain Initiative
Neuropixels is a neural-recording technology that can monitor hundreds of neurons simultaneously throughout an individual animal brain. When it debuted, the device offered a leap ahead compared to...
Neuropixels Workshop
Neuropixels probes represent a major advance in neural recording technology. Developed by IMEC in collaboration with the Allen Institute, University College London, and Janelia Research Campus...
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Neuropixels are next-generation silicon probes with unprecedented capabilities. With 960 densely-spaced sites on a 10 mm long shank, they enable simultaneous recording of the activity of hundreds...
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In a second set of experiments, we recorded the activity of thousands of neurons across the brain using eight simultaneous Neuropixels probes, again videographically monitoring facial behavior.
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"The Neuropixels probe is the most advanced neural electrophysiology probe to date, thanks to the I sincerely hope that the Neuropixels probe will revolutionize the way neuroscience research is...