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not [nɔt]. - не (with verb, pronoun etc). свернуть.
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- Not I ! вы ему скажете ? - Только не я ! в сочетаниях: - * abit ( ofit ) нисколько , вовсенет - * atall нисколько , ничуть ; отнюдь нет ; вовсене ; нестоит notso - этонетак; нисколько; отнюдьнет. ifitisclear, wewillgoout; ifnot, not - еслипогодабудетхорошая, мывыйдем, еслиплохая, тонет.
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... Not! is a grammatical construction in the English language used as a function word to make negative a group of words or a word. It became a sardonic catchphrase in North America and elsewhere in the 1990s.
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From Middle English not, nat, variant of noght, naht ("not, nothing"), from Old English *nōht, nāht ("nought, nothing"), short for nōwiht, nāwiht ("nothing", literally "not anything"), corresponding to ne ("not") + ōwiht, āwiht ("anything"), corresponding to ā ("ever, always") + wiht ("thing, creature").
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Add not to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Close the sidebar. Tell us about this example sentence: The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.
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Not definition is - —used as a function word to make negative a group of words or a word. How to use not in a sentence. Definition of NOT (Entry 2 of 2). : a logical operator (see operator sense 3a) that produces a statement that is the inverse (see inverse entry 2 sense 3a) of an input statement.
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Define not. not synonyms, not pronunciation, not translation, English dictionary definition of not. expressing negation, denial, or prohibition: I will not answer your question. Not to be confused with: knot - cord, rope, ribbon, or the like that is tied...
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Not, spoken with emphasis, often stands for the negation of a whole sentence referred to: as, I hope not (that is, I hope that the state of things you describe does [Century Dictionary, 1895]. To not know X from Y (one's ass from one's elbow, shit from Shinola, etc.) was a construction attested from c. 1930...
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249 Followers. All Activity. $NOT 1,275. AKA: Edy Edouard. @SN0T |. Verified Artist. Morphing between the alternative rap styles of the late 2010s, Florida-based rapper $NOT built his name with a relaxed approach to the era's trap sonics.
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not. A word made popular in the early 90's by the movie Wayne's World. You add "not" to the end of a sentence to make blatant the sarcasm in the sentence itself. "What a totally amazing, excellent discovery...