Не пустой звук / not an empty phrase.
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en "Be not afraid" is not an empty phrase; it is a message that needs en Strengthening monitoring by the masses has become an empty phrase...The government openly declaring its affairs and actively accepting monitoring by the people not only helps in closing the distance between [the government]...
"Not All" is an empty phrase that I refuse to use anymore.
"Not all" can literally be followed by any group or subject. If you start a sentence with "not all", you're simply not getting the point.
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A seemingly empty phrase became an assertion of absolute dominance. They are not like our politicians, used to issuing empty phrases or The dignity of women was not simply an empty phrase in the official discourse of the period. The clause on mutual solidarity will remain just an...
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Currently I'm using "has animals" which I feel is not particularly succinct. [This is an edit of the original question reproduced below, in an effort to keep vacant; unoccupied: an empty house. without cargo or load: an empty wagon. destitute of people or human activity: We walked along the empty streets...
Matthew 6:7 And when you pray, do not babble on like pagans, for they...
(7) Use not vain repetitions.--The Greek word has a force but feebly rendered in the English. Formed from a word which reproduces the repeated attempts of the stammerer to clothe his thoughts in words, it might be almost rendered, "Do not stutter out your prayers, do not babble them over."
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Define EMPTY (adjective) and get synonyms. EMPTY (adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.
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Becoming an empty phrase, I am at my wit's end, it still hurts me, Not to forget. I miss moment, when you ealk in the door, Becoming an empty phrase, You was year, now hour, Only second. I miss moment, when you walk in the door
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Empty Phrases We're a four piece band from Lowell, Massachusetts. Thank you kindly. Empty Phrases, released 31 May 2016 1. The Ending 2. rorriM 3. Outer Space is a Metaphor 4. Air Some old recordings that were going to be on a record that was never completed.
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Empty Phrase Ihren Anfang nimmt die Geschichte von Empty Phrase im "Rüümli Renggloch", als Trommler Marc Keller und Tieftöner... See more of Empty Phrase on Facebook.
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With the phrase generator, you can produce phrases in the language of your choice without having to concatenate strings. This page describes the features of This is not better than the dummy phrase " was born.". It would be much better to produce an empty phrase if both the date of birth and place of...
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AKIPRESS.COM - Tayirbek Sarpashev has commented on his resignation as the Chairman of the State Registration Service (SRS) saying he was "not holding onto a seat and a good reputation is not an empty phrase...