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Online analytical processing, or OLAP (/ˈoʊlæp/), is an approach to answer multi-dimensional analytical (MDA) queries swiftly in computing. OLAP is part of the broader category of business intelligence, which also encompasses relational databases, report writing and data mining.
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What is OLAP? It stands for OnLine Analytical Processing. Learn about OLAP technology on It is a powerful and exciting business technology.
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OLAP vs. OLTP. OLAP and cloud architecture. ROLAP, or relational OLAP, is multidimensional data analysis that operates directly on data on relational tables, without first reorganizing the data into a...
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This video explores some of OLAP's history, and where this solution might be applicable. We also look at situations where OLAP might not be a fit.
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OLAP Cube is also called the hypercube. Usually, data operations and analysis are performed using The extracted data is cleaned and transformed. Data is loaded into an OLAP server (or OLAP cube)...
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Online Analytical Processing, or OLAP, is a computer processing technology that allows rapid execution of complex analytical queries. Ranet OLAP Blog. OLAP Basics and Multidimensional Model.
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Oracle OLAP is a world class multidimensional analytic engine embedded in Oracle Database 12c. Oracle OLAP cubes deliver sophisticated calculations using simple SQL queries - producing results...
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Data Warehousing - OLAP - Online Analytical Processing Server (OLAP) is based on the multidimensional data model. It allows managers, and analysts to get an insight of the information th.
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Learn about the role of online analytical processing OLAP in a data warehouse and how it helps organizations to improve their decision-making.