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On-demand or On demand may refer to: Build-on-demand. Just-in-time manufacturing, a methodology for production. Print on demand, printing technology and business process in which new copies of a document are not printed until an order has been received.
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demandde·mand 1 n 1: a formal request or call for something (as payment for a debt) esp. based on a right or made with force a shareholder must first make a demand on the corporation s board of...
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On-Demand Instance limits are managed in terms of the number of virtual central processing units (vCPUs) that your running On-Demand Instances are using, regardless of the instance type.
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On-demand definition: An on-demand service is available at any time that you want to use it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Define on demand. on demand synonyms, on demand pronunciation, on demand translation, English dictionary definition of on demand. v. de·mand·ed , de·mand·ing , de·mands v. tr. 1. To ask for...
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Demand definition is - an act of demanding or asking especially with authority. 5 : the requirement of work or of the expenditure of a resource equal to the demands of the office demands on one's time...
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To get something "on demand" or "on-demand" is to get it whenever you want it, usually using on demand. a program found in the Comcast Digital Cable menu. Turn to channel 1 and the screen will...
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What does on-demand mean? Always available. As a result of the Internet, people live in an on-demand world where information and entertainment can be accessed and merchandise can be...
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"On demand" means "when demanded" or "upon demand." "Using the on-demand feature of the TV subscription we can watch any of the available shows whenever we wan...
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On demand definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and When needed or asked for, as in She's always ready to sing on demand, or Nowadays infants are...
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Etsy Print on Demand Shop Review #12: DOUBLE-DOWN ON WHAT'S WORKING! Ryan's Method: Dropshipped Print on Demand Course.
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On-demand service, in the context of IT, is a prime facility and feature of cloud computing services, which allow On-demand service allows end users to use cloud computing, storage, software and...
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On-demand resources are app contents that are hosted on the App Store and are separate from the Table 1-1 shows supported on-demand resource types and indicates whether those types are...
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Easily distribute your standard and 360 videos, series, and films worldwide through Vimeo On Demand. The best part? You keep 90% of the revenue after transaction fees.
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On demand (means whenever you want it, or whenever someone asks for it) Our cable TV company offers movies on demand. (Whenever you want a movie, you can get it.)
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On-demand self-service means that a consumer can request and receive access to a service offering, without an administrator or some sort of support staff having to fulfill the request manually.
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The most On Demand. Anytime, anywhere. Thousands of TV shows and movies. SCOOB!, The High Note, and The King of Staten Island available with Xfinity On Demand.