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Order processing is pending until its triggering order is filled. Rules of order triggering are set in the Advanced order list of the Order Entry The accepted order is waiting for manual execution by the Trade Desk operator. Working. The order has been already processed by the exchange. U r out.
Understanding Order Execution
Order execution may be carried out manually or electronically, subject to the limits or conditions placed on the order by the account holder. Brokers are beholden to best execution practices that are regulated by the SEC as well as individual exchanges.
Work out definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Work out definition: If you work out a solution to a problem or mystery If something works out at a particular amount, it is calculated to be that amount after all the facts If you work out your service or your notice, you continue to work at your job until you have completed a specified period of time.
TIL that the act of hitting something until it works is called...
Submit interesting and specific facts about something that you just found out here. Submit interesting and specific facts that you just found out (not broad information you looked up, TodayILearned is The Electrical and Instrumentation guys at work hate me for this. I'll put a work order in and give them a...
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If your limit order to buy is slightly lower (like a half penny) then they want it'll take longer -possib... If it is a "limit" order, then it will take as long as it takes until someone comes to your price. You can Usually get out of a position in One second If You Do it or call Your broker on the phone… … then...
Orders and execution of orders.
3. We enclose our order, but must point out that the failing market here will leave us little or no 2. We have not yet had precise shipping instructions and are holding your order until these arrive. 3. Our prices are ex-works; should you wish us to undertake shipping arrangements we will gladly do so...
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Here's how Amazon pre-order works. They'll put an item in their marketplace that is typically in high You sit and wait and delays will appear if your pre-order suddenly drops out of stock, even though your order You would figure that a multi-billion dollar corporation working with other multi-billion dollar...
Guide to Filling out a Money Order
Filling out a Money Order. Benefits of Money Orders. He has an MBA from the University of Colorado, and has worked for credit unions and large financial firms, in addition to writing about personal Until recent years, money orders have been a popular, inexpensive payment method.
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An out-of-office email (also called an OOO message) is an automated response that immediately notifies senders that you're currently away from your workspace and will not be It's proper etiquette to set up an out of office reply any time you're unable to check emails during regular work hours.
work out | meaning of work out in Longman Dictionary of...
work out meaning, definition, what is work out: to think carefully about how you are goi...: Learn more. I hope it all works out for Gina and Andy.work itself out I'm sure everything will work itself out. 6 happenHAPPEN if a situation works out in a particular way, it happens in that way SYN turn...
How do I get console to loop until the right input is entered in C?
The user has to enter the value 1111, for the transaction to continue, if this isn't true, the program prints out an error and keeps requiring the user to I have tried using a while loop to keep requesting for the correct value, 1111, and until it is entered, the program keeps asking the user to enter the right pin.
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Paper checks: This is the payment type the IRS sends out second. A physical check can take weeks to arrive by mail, but the check can be deposited or cashed right away once it arrives. Although the IRS and Treasury are sending stimulus checks now, the agencies have until Dec.
Percussive Maintenance - TV Tropes
Lucy: This is going to work out great. My TV repairman bill is higher than my psychiatrist bill. They try every repair job they can think of, until Odie, in a classic The Fonz style, hits the carburetor with a In The Last Jedi, a First Order officer assumes the monitor showing the status of Supremacy's shield is...
Словарь Мультитран
hold out for a higher wage offer. добиваться более высокой зарплаты. offer insight into how it works. дать представление о том, как всё устроено (Alex_Odeychuk). this little farm seemed to offer me a safe place of abode and means of subsistence until my fortune changed for the better.
Prepositions: A Complete Grammar Guide (with Preposition Examples)
In order to help you to remember this, you should always avoid the use of like when using a verb. Let's take a look at some examples of this. I can't excuse myself for not doing it. He works for an engineering company. He always agrees with my opinion. Susan associates chocolate with childhood.
Compound Interest Formula With Examples
In order to work out calculations involving monthly additions, you will need to use two formulae - our original one, listed above, plus the ' future value of a series ' formula for the monthly additions. At the request of readers, I've adapted the formula explanation to allow you to calculate periodic additions...
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in perfect working order. If we don't act now, it's possible there will be no more tigers left within a 'We'll have to postpone the meeting until next week, as a lot of people are on leave,' the manager said [OFF] . I take work home regularly because of my new responsibility at work...
It works, until it doesn't - GnS Economics
Such an artificial remedy only works until it doesn't. Thus, now even the debt of companies that have a higher probability of default are giving out negative returns to investors! The annual order of our Q-Review reports is available for subscription atGnS Store.