Paludis, the Other Package Mangler
You should generally install Paludis using your distribution's package manager, rather than by hand. However, if you can't do that, you can download Paludis or browse the source.
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NotePaludis has been removed from the Gentoo tree since nobody maintained it. This page is here for historical context. Paludis is a multi-format package manager and an alternative to Portage. Paludis is the official package manager of Exherbo Linux and was written by former Gentoo developer Ciaran...
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Paludis is a non-interactive alternative to Portage written by ex-Gentoo developers and several current developers, with contributions from several users. Because it is written in C++, Paludis is faster and more efficient than Portage. Paludis also incorporates many features that Portage does not.
GitHub - prototype99/paludis: Unofficial Gentoo patches for Paludis...
Paludis is a multi-format package manager. Unfortunately, Paludis no longer officially supports Gentoo, thus this repo is a fork for keeping Gentoo support.
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Paludis is a Portage alternative. It is included in the main Gentoo tree, though you will have to Since the portage2paludis.bash script only deals with creating a new paludis setup, slycordinator created a...
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Paludis is a library that allows querying, installing and QA checking of ebuilds. It comes with a simple commandline client.
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