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Parkinson's disease (PD), or simply Parkinson's, is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects the motor system.
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Jankovic J. Parkinson's disease: Clinical features and diagnosis. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2008;79(4):368-76.
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Parkinson Study Group. Meta-analysis of the comparative efficacy and safety of adjuvant treatment to levodopa in later Parkinson's disease.
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Fahn S. The medical treatment of Parkinson disease from James Parkinson to George Cotzias.
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Parkinson's Disease: Available Clinical and Promising Omics Tests for Diagnostics, Disease Risk Assessment, and Pharmacotherapy Personalization.
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Parkinson's disease (PD) impacts people in different ways. Not everyone will experience all the There are typical patterns of progression in Parkinson's disease that are defined in stages.
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Parkinson's disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. In the early stages of Parkinson's disease, your face may show little or no expression.
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Parkinson's disease is a neurological movement disorder. Common symptoms include tremor, slowness of movement, stiff muscles, unsteady walk and balance and coordination problems.
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How Parkinson's Disease Affects the Brain. What makes Parkinson's disease distinctive from other movement disorders is that cell loss occurs in a very specific region of the brain called the substantia...
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Effect of High-Intensity Treadmill Exercise on Motor Symptoms in Patients With De Novo Parkinson JAMA Neurol. - 2018. - 75(2). Vitamin B12 modulates Parkinson's disease LRRK2 kinase activity...
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Parkinson's symptoms usually begin gradually and get worse over time. One clear risk factor for Parkinson's is age. Although most people with Parkinson's first develop the disease at about age 60...
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Parkinson's disease (PD) is a movement disorder characterised by: [ 26199 : Lees AJ, Hardy J, Revesz T ] Tremor at rest Rigidity Bradykinesia The diagnosis...
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Parkinson disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative condition that involves the progressive depletion of dopaminergic neurons in the basal ganglia, particularly the substantia nigra.
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Parkinson disease is a movement disorder. But some younger people may also get Parkinson disease. When it affects someone younger than age 50, it's called early-onset Parkinson disease.
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Parkinson's disease affects the nerve cells in the brain that produce dopamine. Parkinson's disease symptoms include muscle rigidity, tremors, and changes in speech and gait.
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Parkinson's Disease Online Medical Reference - from definition and diagnosis through treatments and outcomes. Authored by Patrick J. Sweeney, MD of the Cleveland Clinic.
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Diagnosis of Parkinson disease is clinical. Parkinson disease is suspected in patients with characteristic unilateral resting tremor, decreased movement, or rigidity.
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Parkinson's is a progressive neurological condition. This means that it causes problems in the brain and gets worse over time.
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There are two types of Parkinson's disease recognized by medical science: primary parkinsonism and secondary parkinsonism (or parkinsonian syndrome).
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