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│ English (en) │ русский (ru) │. Pas2js is an open source Pascal to JavaScript transpiler. It parses Object Pascal and emits JavaScript. The JavaScript is currently of level ECMAScript 5 and should run in any browser or in Node.js (target "nodejs").
GitHub - bytbox/pas2js: Pascal-to-JavaScript converter
pas2js < program.pas | closure --formatting PRETTY_PRINT > program.js. The resulting javascript file will be dependendent on pascal.js for equivalents of various pascal functions. Known Bugs.
Pas2JS compiler with Delphi7 IDE - YouTube
Pas2js is a Pascal to JavaScript transpiler. It parses Object Pascal and emits JavaScript. The pas2js compiler is - naturally - open source and can be...
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pas2js can automatically include this file in the generated output, like this How to use pas2js. The command-line arguments are kept mostly the same as the FPC command-line arguments.
pas2js-vscode - Visual Studio Marketplace
pas2js-vscode. heliosroots. | 17 installs. This VSCode extension adds support for effectively creating, editing, refactoring, running, and reloading Pas2JS apps, as well as support for the Object Pascal...
Pas2js - Pascal to JavaScript Transpiler by Mattias Gaertner
Pas2js Strong typing and range checks at compile time RTL: all standard JS functions/variables, e.g. DOM
Pas2JS - Development - Survey - News | Blaise Pascal Magazine
Pas2JS - Development - Survey - News. This is a survey about the language features that we need to add to the PAS2JS Compiler.
Pas2js - Components - Index | Forum
"Package pas2js_rtl 1.0: Ejecutando comando antes: no puedo encontrar el ejecutable "pas2js.exe", Errores: 1 The first row says that can't find pas2js.exe The second row says Panic: internal error...
Хэштег #pas2js в Твиттере
Here's #pas2js web compiler demo. There are many things still can be improved and enhanced, but it's a start, a good start indeed. Perhaps it's one small step for #FreePascal, but it's a giant leap for...
Pas2js with generics rocks (and makes Castle Game Engine for...)
pas2js can translate modern Object Pascal to JavaScript, making it possible to run Pascal code in a This weekend I tested recent pas2js support for generics, in particular with containers from the...
Free Pascal - General - Next language feature for pas2js...
I am very happy with pas2js and couldn't select any particular feature. What I want the most are more APIs, but I have been quite successful in implementing the ones I need so far.
Pas2js for Delphi - I made this - Delphi-PRAXiS [en]
Pas2js for Delphi. By Kryvich, January 26, 2019 in I made this. I have made an adaptation of Pas2js for Delphi compiler.
pas2js Public Beta released
A few days ago, first public Beta of pas2js has been released. See the demo (code). Happy holidays! :
TMS Software | Blog | Using external classes in pas2js
The pas2js RTL delivers such definitions: units JS and web consist almost entirely from external definitions. The same is true for library imports such as libjquery, webaudio and webbluetooth.
pas2js component design -
Hi there, In my experimental Pas2JS project, I've created a visual lazarus component and its pas2js. corresponding version. When designing forms, you often use container type controls to hold others...
Great News From PAS2JS : delphi
Great News From PAS2JS ( submitted 1 year ago by Neonimousmod.
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