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path [pɑːθ]Существительное. path / paths.
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A path is a route for physical travel - see Trail. Path or PATH may also refer to: Bicycle path. Bridle path, used by people on horseback. Course (navigation), the intended path of a vehicle. Desire path, created by human or animal foot traffic. Footpath, intended for use only by pedestrians.
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path перевод в словаре английский - русский. way especially designed for a particular use. Tom and Mary were walking down the path with fishing poles slung over their shoulders.
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From Middle English path, peth, from Old English pæþ ("path, track"), from Proto-West Germanic *paþ, from Proto-Germanic *paþaz ("path") (compare West Frisian paad, Dutch pad, German Pfad), Ancient Greek πατέω (patéō) / πάτος (pátos), from Iranian (compare Avestan ‎ (panta, "way"...
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A path may refer to any of the following: 1. Alternatively known as the pathname, the current path or path is the complete location or name of where a computer, file, device, or web page is located.
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Define path. path synonyms, path pronunciation, path translation, English dictionary definition of path. n. pl. paths 1. A trodden track or way. 2. A road, way, or track made for a particular purpose: a bicycle...
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A Path represents a path that is hierarchical and composed of a sequence of directory and file name elements separated by a special separator or delimiter. A root component, that identifies a file system...