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Pebble Time is a smartwatch developed by Pebble Technology and assembled by Foxlink, released on 14 May 2015. This is the first Pebble to introduce a color e-paper display, as well as a microphone, a new charging cable and a new Pebble Time-optimized operating system.
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Pebble Technology is raising funds for Pebble Time - Awesome Smartwatch, No Compromises on Kickstarter! Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that...
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Read this: Pebble Time v Apple Watch. Is the new £179 Pebble the answer to the smartwatch question? It's one answer and an option worth considering for anyone looking to buy a smartwatch but... Pebble Time Smartwatch - Black
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Pebble Time Review | PCMag
The Pebble Time brings a color display and a microphone to the company's winning formula, making it a solid choice for first-time smartwatch buyers.
Pebble Time review | TechRadar
The Pebble Time was controversially announced as another Kickstarter project, and still holds the crown for the most funded Kickstarter of all time (for now). With over $20 million pledged...
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The Pebble Time has a bright, plasticky design that's aesthetically polarizing but comfortable to wear. The rectangular polycarbonate body is available in several colors: red, white, and black with...
Pebble Time photo, specs, and price | Engadget
The Pebble Time adds a few key improvements and a color screen compared to previous Pebble watches, but owners of previous Pebble watches may not see a need to upgrade yet.
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Is the Pebble Time deserving of a place on your wrist? The Pebble Time is a worthy upgrade for Pebble loyalists, but its practicality makes it worth everyone's consideration.
Pebble Time review: The utility vehicle of smartwatches is... - CNET
What does Pebble Time do? The first Pebble watch debuted back in 2013; it emerged as a Kickstarter project and ended up being one of the best-reviewed smartwatches ever made.
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The new Pebble Time is the best Pebble yet. But is that enough to compete in today's market? And more important — should you buy this thing?
Pebble Time Review - TechCrunch
The Pebble Time is the second-generation Pebble hardware released by the company, and it starts shipping out to early supporters of the Kickstarter campaign today.
Pebble Time Review: Function over Form | Pocketnow
If Pebble Time's hardware falls a little short of stellar, its software makes up the difference. Version 3.0 of the Pebble OS brings an entirely new interface based around something called the "Timeline...