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Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) is a parallel implementation of the Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) pattern. PLINQ combines the simplicity and readability of LINQ syntax with the power of parallel...
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PLINQ is LINQ executed in Parallel, that is, using as much processing power as you have in your Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) with Visual Studio 2010/2012 - Perf testing. If you want to go deep using...
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Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) is a parallel implementation of LINQ to Objects. PLINQ provides support for Parallel programming and is closely related to the Task Parallel Library.
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Parallel LINQ, or 'PLINQ', takes LINQ to the next level by adding intuitive parallel capabilities onto an LINQ-to-SQL and LINQ-to-Entities queries will still be executed by the respective databases and...
Dixin's Blog - Parallel LINQ in Depth (3) Query Methods (Operators)
[LINQ via C# series][Parallel LINQ in Depth series] Most of the PLINQ standard queries are the parities with LINQ to Objects standard queries, with the same syntax and functionality.
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Parallel LINQ, or PLINQ, is a query execution engine that runs on top of the managed environment of .Net and takes advantage of the multiple processors or cores in your computer system to execute the...
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C# LanguageParallel LINQ (PLINQ). Syntax.
PLINQ Support
PLINQ is enabled at the .AsParallel() call Dim productsForSale = query _. As a corollary of the first point, it only makes sense to use PLINQ if you do process the query result in your application.
Declarative Data Parallelism Using Parallel LINQ
Microsoft's Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) is a concurrency execution engine for executing LINQ queries. It is a part of the managed concurrency library called Parallel Extensions Library (previously known as...
Parallel Programming in F# (II.): Using PLINQ and... - Tomas Petricek
We'll look at using Task Parallel Library (TPL) and Parallel LINQ from F#, including the In this part of the Parallel Programming in F# series, we'll look at some basic examples of parallel programming in...
Increase Performance Of LINQ By Parallelism
The PLINQ is very useful when we deal with complex queries. This is a small example for demonstration - how to use PLINQ, if you compare the execution time of Listing:2 and Listing:3...
Threading in C# - Part 5 - Parallel Programming | Optimizing PLINQ
PLINQ automatically parallelizes local LINQ queries. PLINQ has the advantage of being easy to use in that it offloads the burden of both work partitioning and result collation to the Framework.
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Plinq tries to mimic the Enumerable<T> interface from C# as much as possible. It has the same method names, wherever possible, and the same parameters too. Plinq operators are lazy, meaning calling...
Using the Task Parallel Library and PLINQ to Go Parallel
Parallelizing Queries with PLINQ. Parallel LINQ lets you parallelize LINQ to Objects queries. With PLINQ, you can take existing LINQ queries, and use the client computer's number-crunching power to...
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Parallel LINQ (PLINQ). LINQ was designed as a data query interface, which, based on the collection query results, processes them sequentially. However, by default, PLINQ processes data sequentially.