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Alleged PRC Review Materials for Licensure Examinations. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), the agency mandated to implement the regulatory laws and policies for the various regulated...
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PRC is the People's Republic of China, the formal name of China. PRC may also refer to: Communist Refoundation Party, (Partito della Rifondazione Comunista), Italy. Regionalist Party of Cantabria. Popular Resistance Committees, Palestinian militant organizations.
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PRC — Die Abkürzung PRC steht für: Dateiendung der Installationsdateien für Palm OS (Palm Resource file), ebenso für das Mobipocket Format elektronischer Bücher Parliamentary Recruiting...
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PRC = People's Republic of China = Made in China ROC = Republic of China = Made in Taiwan PRC are the baby-eating, blood thirsty, capitalist hating, power lusting communists that rule with an iron-fist...
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PRC. Military prank acronym for "Prick." Guy 1: "Private, find me a PRC E7" Guy 2 (goes to E7 sergeant): "Sergeant, I need a PRC E7" Sergeant: "How about you do some pushups?!"