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Перевод контекст "prioritization" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: prioritization of activities, identification and prioritization, prioritization exercise.
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prioritization. There has to be a prioritization of projects. (Определение prioritize в Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press).
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How to say prioritization in Russian. S Synonyms. Examples of using Prioritization in a sentence and their translations.
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This article explores prioritization in depth, including how to prioritize projects, tasks, and goals, prioritization methods, prioritization The Ultimate Prioritization Guide. What is Prioritization?
Prioritization: Meaning, Planning, Importance, Cons, and Examples
Prioritization is defined as activities where you list the items you want to do on their level of value. It means that you can now do the most important task first and gradually complete the others that are...
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Define prioritization. prioritization synonyms, prioritization pronunciation, prioritization translation, English dictionary definition of prioritization. v. pri·or·i·tized , pri·or·i·tiz·ing , pri·or·i·tiz·es v. tr.
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Prioritization is the essential skill that you need to make the very best use of your own efforts and With good prioritization (and careful management of reprioritized tasks) you can bring order to chaos...
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What is prioritization about? Product managers will agree that it's rather critical to choose the right features for development, filter the most important of them and skip less urgent ones.
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Other Words from prioritize. prioritization \ prī- ˌȯr- ə- tə- ˈzā- shən , - är- ; ˌprī- ə- rə- \ noun. Examples of prioritize in a Sentence. It's always difficult to prioritize work, school, and family.
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Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. Derived forms. prioritizationprioritiˈzation) or prioritisation (ˌprioritiˈsation).
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This prioritization method also helps combat the Completion Bias—our tendency to focus on finishing small tasks rather than working on larger, more complex ones. When your daily tasks are being pulled...
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What is prioritization? Prioritization is rank-ordering the important of tasks in your life. For example, it is more important to feed your child dinner than it is to start painting the den.
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Meaning of prioritization. What does prioritization mean? Information and translations of prioritization in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
Приоритизация - основные правила и методы использования
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We have a number of initiatives going… for me it's all about balance, prioritization and prioritizing the time for the things that are important to me, my family, my own health and well-being.
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Prioritize is the North American spelling, related words are prioritizes, prioritized, prioritizing, prioritization and prioritizer. Prioritise is an accepted British spelling.
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prioritization. prioritized. prioritizing. prioritizes. prioritises. prioritizations. See Also. What is the opposite of prioritize?
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Prioritization often involves organizing a group of tasks that need to be completed and ranking them in Best Tools for Prioritization in 2020. If you realize the power and relevance of the process of...
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prioritization. The act of continually identifying the most important projects to work on instead of actually working on them. Get a prioritization mug for your bunkmate Callisto.
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to give priority to or establish as a priority. Derived forms of prioritize. prioritization or prioritisation, noun.