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Benjamin Redford is raising funds for Projecteo: The tiny Instagram projector. on Kickstarter! Turn your Instagrams into wheels of 35mm slide film. Show them with Projecteo.
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Projecteo. 540 Followers. • 264 Following. Projecteo's best boards. Buildings. Projecteo • 23 Pins. The Power of Projection.
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Projecteo stars in its first horror short. Epic stuff @sidewalksurfer66. #horror #short. Until the end of January, buy 2 Projecteo wheels and you'll get 1 free! Use code THREELZ at checkout.
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Projecteo. How to share your Instagram photos with friends without passing around your phone or tablet seems to be Projecteo ($25) thinks it has the answer — or more specifically, is the answer.
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Projecteo (pronounced "PRO-JEKT-TEA-OH") can provide the retro photo-viewing experience you We're giving away 3 Projecteo units, each with one slide wheel. If you're interested in winning one...
Projecteo Projecteo is a mini Instagram projector. It uses tiny wheels of 35mm film to project images onto nearby surfaces.
Projecteo: A tiny projector for Instagram slide shows
The Projecteo is a Kickstarter-funded projector the size of a matchbox which uses 35 mm slide film Projecteo is a tiny projector which uses 35 mm slide film to set your Instagram photos free from their...
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We're sorry to announce that we are winding down Projecteo once we've sold our current stock of units and wheels. We're proud of what we've achieved since we introduced the world to miniature...
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contrast between the projecteo and an older rollei 35mm slide projector. instagram projections onto the custom printed 35mm film. projecteo - tiny instagram projector by benjamin redford.
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Projecteo. Written by Katie on August 8, 2014. Permalink. Let's just admit that the Projecteo is adorable and amazing and, if you use Instagram, you've pretty much got no choice but to try it out.
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Projecteo is kind of like that, but like all the other advancements since the View-Master came out But Projecteo doesn't require the Sun, is an experience everyone can share and most importantly of all...
Projecteo Turns Your Instagram Photos Into Mini Projector Slides
A new Kickstarter project called Projecteo gives Instagram a retro sharing makeover. It's a miniature projector for your favorite filtered pics. SEE ALSO: Printer Creates iPhone-Sized Newspapers From...
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Projecteo. Designer Benjamin Redford turns Instagram shots into retro slide reels with a tiny new Launched as a Kickstarter project out of London, the tiny Instagram projector prints multiple shots...
Kickstarter I'm Supporting: Projecteo, an Adorable Instagram Projector
Projecteo is a tiny Instagram projector by Mint Digital. The project is funded multiple times over now, so a $25 pledge guarantees you a standard Projecteo and $40 gets you a limited edition model in...