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A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan.
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QR Code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode, typically made up of black and white pixel "QR" stands for "Quick Response", which refers to the instant access to the information hidden in the...
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QR Code readers require a white margin to detect QR Codes. So make sure to print it on a light background The QR Code is only displayed at a size of 200px but it will be saved at a size of 200px.
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QR Code Generator PRO: Create, design, manage, and track QR Codes for great mobile QRCode Monkey is one of the most popular free online qr code generators with millions of already created QR...
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QR codes on business cards, T-Shirts, mugs and more! QR codes are the way to go to create a link between the real world products (tagged with the QR code) and the Internet.
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