What is a qubit?
A qubit (or quantum bit) is the quantum mechanical analogue of a classical bit. In classical computing the information is encoded in bits, where each bit can have the value zero or one.
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Qubits may also be pictured in $3$D using the Bloch sphere representation. The simplest such primitive is the single qubit-rotation. Three single-qubit rotations are typically considered: $R_x...
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Andrea Morello introduces the concept of a quantum bit or "qubit". For more 100 Second Science videos visit...
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This qubit property arises as a direct consequence of its adherence to the laws of quantum A qubit is a unit vector in a two-dimensional complex vector space for which a particular basis, denoted by {|0...
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Blend of quantum +‎ bit, a play on cubit ("historical unit of length"). Coined by American physicist Benjamin Schumacher in 1995. (UK) IPA(key): /ˈkjuːbɪt/. (US) enPR: kyo͞o'bĭt, IPA(key): /ˈkjubɪt/. Homophone: cubit. qubit (plural qubits). (computing) A quantum bit...
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Here we report the use of a processor with programmable superconducting qubits2,3,4,5,6,7 to create quantum states on 53 qubits, corresponding to a computational state-space of dimension 253...
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A qubit is a two-state quantum-mechanical system, one of the simplest quantum systems displaying the peculiarity of quantum mechanics. Examples include: the spin of the electron in which the two levels...
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