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A question is an utterance which typically functions as a request for information, which is expected to be provided in the form of an answer.
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Перевод слова question, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.
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question [ˈkwestʃən]Существительное. question / questions.
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The Question. The Question. 84 подписчика.
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From Middle English question, questioun, questiun, from Anglo-Norman questiun, from Old French question, from Latin quaestiōnem, accusative of quaestiō ("a seeking, investigation, inquiry, question"), from quaerere ("to seek, ask, inquire").
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Define question. question synonyms, question pronunciation, question translation, English dictionary definition of question. n. 1. A sentence, phrase, or gesture that seeks information through a reply.
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A question is what someone asks, usually when there is something that he or she does not know. In writing, a question mark ("?") comes at the end of a question. However, just because a question is asked does not mean there is an answer.
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questions перевод в словаре английский - русский. A game in which players must only say questions, and if they don't they lose. Below is an example of how to play.
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question noun translate: вопрос , вопрос, проблема , сомнение . Learn more in the Cambridge English-Russian Dictionary.
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QUESTION Meaning: "philosophical or theological problem;" early 14c. as "utterance meant to elicit an answer or… See definitions of question.
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Question definition is - an interrogative expression often used to test knowledge. How to use question in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of question.
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[Word Family: noun: ↑question, questioning, ↑questioner, ↑questionnaire; adjective: ↑questionable ≠ ↑unquestionable, ↑questioning ≠ ↑unquestioning, ↑unquestioned; adverb: ↑unquestionably...
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Question definition: A question is something that you say or write in order to ask a person about something. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Ask questions, get answers, help others and connect with people who have similar interests. Search Questions: E.g. Lisinopril or Heart Disease.
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question meaning, definition, what is question: a sentence or phrase that is used to ask...: Learn more.
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A question is a sentence that asks you something. A statement does not require an answer. A question requires an answer. A written question in English always ends with a question mark
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Question definition, a sentence in an interrogative form, addressed to someone in order to get Either way, this quiz on Spanish words for animals is for you. Question 1 of 13. How do you say "cat" 🐈 in...
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