Flexible APIs for custom assertions, runners, and reporters mean you can extend QUnit to fit your needs. These are the officially supported download channels for QUnit releases
Getting Started | QUnit
The following guide will get you up-and-running with QUnit either in Node or in the Browser in just a few minutes. Getting started with QUnit in Node is quick and easy.
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Последние твиты от QUnit (@qunitjs). The powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript testing framework. Part of the OpenJS Foundation.
GitHub - qunitjs/qunit: 🔮 An easy-to-use JavaScript unit testing...
QUnit is a powerful, easy-to-use, JavaScript unit testing framework. It's used by the jQuery project to QUnit is especially useful for regression testing: Whenever a bug is reported, write a test that asserts...
QUnit - Wikipedia
QUnit is a JavaScript unit testing framework. Originally developed for testing jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile, it is a generic framework for testing any JavaScript code. It supports client-side environments in web browsers, and server-side (e.g. Node.js).
Introduction to QUnit - YouTube
QUnit is a Javascript testing framework that's very easy to get started with.
QUnit - Quick Guide - Tutorialspoint
QUnit - Quick Guide - Testing is the process of checking the functionality of the application whether it is working as per the requirements and to ensure that at the developer level
Getting Started with QUnit
QUnit is the unit-testing framework developed and maintained by the jQuery team, which is the same team behind projects like The obvious first step to perform in order to employ QUnit is to download it.
How to Test your JavaScript Code with QUnit
QUnit, developed by the jQuery team, is a great framework for unit testing your JavaScript. In this tutorial, I'll introduce what QUnit specifically is, and why you should care about rigorously testing your...
QUnit Tutorial: Start Unit Testing and Measuring Code Coverage
QUnit is a JavaScript library to test your JavaScript code. You can write your tests using certain QUnit can run your tests in the browser or in a plain Node.js process. Which way of running your tests...
Tools to unit test your JavaScript | Listing 6. Test cases (qunit/js/test.js)
Getting started with QUnit. QUnit, a unit testing framework similar to JUnit (Java programming), is used by the jQuery team to test the jQuery library.
QUnit - A very small unit test framework for C++
QUnit is yet another unit testing framework for C++. However, unlike other frameworks, QUnit feels like 50 lines of code, integrates nicely QUnit is more like an idiom - once you have used it a couple of...
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QUnit is a JavaScript unit testing framework, used by the jQuery project to test its code and plugins, but capable of testing any generic JavaScript code (both on the client and on the server).
Simple Javascript Unit Testing with QUnit
Installing QUnit QUnit is a self-contained library, requiring only one JavaScript file (qunit.js) and It's available with the rest of the code. QUnit Functions Although simple in scope, the QUnit Framework...
QUnit - JavaScript unit testing framework | Tizen Developers
QUnit is a JavaScript Unit Testing framework for testing jQuery projects or any JavaScript code. QUnitTests sample application demonstrates the usage of the QUnit (v1.12.0) testing framework.
Getting started with JavaScript Unit Testing using QUnit
QUnit will check for the differences, and if it encounters any, the test will fail. By checking the No QUnit provides us different kinds of assertions. Assertions are the most important component of unit...
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QUnit is a JavaScript unit testing framework. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources.Find sources: "QUnit" - news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR...
JavaScript: QUnit - Make WordPress Core
QUnit is a JavaScriptJavaScript JavaScript or JS is an object-oriented computer Running the QUnit Test Suite #Running the QUnit Test Suite. From your now installed and configured WordPress testing...
Learn to Test Your JavaScript Using QUnit - Developer.com
QUnit was originally used for unit testing jQuery, jQuery UI and other jQuery In this article I will be introducing you to the QUnit framework and provide insights about using it to test the JavaScript code.
Unit Testing with QUnit
QUnit Assertions. ok, equal, notEqual, strictEqual, notStrictEqual, deepEqual, notDeepEqual, raises. #qunit-fixture. Any markup in here will be reset after every test (uses jQuery if available).
Automated Unit Tests using QUnit JS in an Oracle JET project | Medium
This article demonstrates QUnit within an Oracle JET project, QUnit is the chosen framework as there is plenty of support, and it is one of the reccomended frameworks to use for JET.
Qunit - a powerful testing framework dedicated to using with a frontend. The standard method of testing using Qunit is to include the file onto the webpage and run tests using Qunit plugin.