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Ruby on Rails 4.2 Release NotesHighlights in Rails 4.2: Active Job Asynchronous mails Adequate Record Web Console Foreign key support These release notes cover only the major changes.
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Rails Applications Rails Command Line Tools and Rake Tasks Asset Pipeline Working with JavaScript in Rails Autoloading and Reloading These are the new guides for Rails 4.2 based on v4.2.11.3.
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Ruby on Rails 4.2 Release Notes. Highlights in Rails 4.2: Active Job. Asynchronous mails. You should also first upgrade to Rails 4.1 in case you haven't and make sure your application still runs as...
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rails 4.2.1. Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity.
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Ruby on Rails 4.2.11 API documentation with instant search, offline support, keyboard shortcuts, mobile version, and more. You're browsing the Ruby on Rails 4.2 documentation.
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Rails 4.2.7 and Ruby 2.3 I have installed redis with these instructions (Redis) and installed sidekiq I have a Rails 4.2 API and a React SPA which makes requests to it. There are times when a chunk of...
103 Installing Rails 4.2 LTS - Rails LTS documentation
Subscribe to a Rails LTS plan to receive your credentials. If you already have a paid subscription for another version of Rails LTS, you can use the same credentials for Rails 4.2 LTS at no additional cost.
Speeding up Rails 4.2 | Sam's Spot - Sam saffron's web log
Knowing Rails 4.2 was just around the corner I decided that it seemed like the perfect time to see how performance is. Seeing Rails 4.2 contains the adequate record patches, I was super eager to see...
How to upgrade to Rails 4.2 - Justin Weiss
Upgrading some Rails apps is as easy as bundle update rails . But what if you have one of the other kind of apps? And in the process, you'll learn how to take full advantage of Rails 4.2's new features.
Rails 4.2 Introduction (Example) | GoRails
A quick look at the new features of Rails 4.2 in the first beta that was recently released. I spend my time creating tutorials and tools to help Ruby on Rails developers build apps better and faster.
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This article is part of our Upgrade Rails series. To see more of them, click here.This article will cover the most important aspects that you need...
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Ruby on Rails is an open-source software. The 'source code' can be modified by any individual computer programmer The R4.2 update includes a range of performance improvements, but most...
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From Rails 3.2 to 4.2. Last week I set out to upgrade HomeMarks, a personal bookmarking In Rails 4.2, there is no such thing as an assets group for gems. So I removed my group :assets and flattened...
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Rails 4.2 brings a host of other smaller changes. Rails 4.2 looks to be an exciting release and will be the last branch of the 4 series. If you have a favourite feature, or any questions about how anything...
Upgrading Rails to 4.2.x and Ruby to 2.2.x - an end to end Example
In this post, I have recorded my experiences when upgrading my hobby Web Application, a ProvisioningEngine front end from Rails 4.1.x to Rails 4.2.x and ruby from 2.1.x to 2.2.x.
The new HTML sanitizer in Rails 4.2 « Plataformatec Blog
Scrubbing Rails Free of HTML-scanner. Everyone, at least one time, has already needed to use the If you were to run this on Rails 4.1 (and before) this would take advantage of the html-scanner, a...
Upgrading to Ruby on Rails 5.0 from Rails 4.2 - application use case...
In this article, I'll try to cover all the issues that I had, when I was upgrading one of my Rails app from Ruby on Rails 4.2 to Ruby on Rails 5.0.
What we discovered from upgrading Rails 4.2.0 to Rails... | Medium
In this article, we would like to share our personal experiences when upgrading our Rails application from version 4.2.0 to version 5.0.6.
Getting Started with Rails 4.x on Heroku | Heroku Dev Center
The latest version of Rails available is Rails 5. If you are starting a new application we recommend you use the most recently released version. Ruby on Rails is a popular web framework written in Ruby.
Rails 4.2 New Features | Rails School San Francisco
Rails 4.2 New Features. The 4.2 beta has been released! Time for Rails School to check it out. Rails 4.2 is the successor to the popular Rails 4.1.x. Read all about it at Rails 4.2.0 beta1: Active Job...
Instructions on how to use Rails 4.2 to recreate the basic React tutorial.
With the Rails scaffold generator, very little Rails coding is required. You can try the end result of the completed tutorial on Heroku Rails 4.2, React, completed tutorial : Github repo for completed tutorial.
ruby on rails - upgrading from rails 4.2 to Rails 5.0 - learn... | wikitechy
Rails 4.2 to Rails 5.0 upgrade,we must be using Ruby 2.2.2 or newer. After upgrading our Ruby Rails 5.0, ActiveJob will inherit from ApplicationJob, rather than ActiveJob::Base like in Rails 4.2.
This week in Rails - Issue #20 (Rails 4.2 Edition)
Rails Contributors: Rails 4.2 Edition. The 4.2 Beta release is made possible with the help of these 488 Active Job was one of the biggest features included in Rails 4.2. It is a queue abstract/adapter...
Upgrading to Rails 4.2.0 - CNK's blog
Upgrading Rails Versions: 4.1.8 to 4.2.0 After a lot of interuptions for other work, last week I finally To get started, I changed the Rails version in my Gemfile from 4.1.8 to 4.2.0 and ran bundle upgrade...
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In this Ruby on Rails training course you will learn the basics and most important functions of Ruby on Rails 4.2. So you will learn the Rails environment which containts routing and the ActionController.
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Ruby on Rails, or Rails, is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby under the MIT License. Rails is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework...
Ruby on Rails 4 Essential Training | - from LinkedIn
Join Kevin Skoglund as he shows how to create full-featured, object-oriented web applications with the latest version of the popular, open-source Ruby on Rails framework.
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A new Rails version is about to be released and it's coming with many changes, deprecations, and new features. Lets take a look at what you need to do to get your app ready for Rails 4.