Announcing: Rebble Grants! Hello, hello! Rebble Grants are our new plan to reinvest some of the proceeds from running the Rebble Web Services into development that keeps Pebble watches - and...
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The Rebble Alliance has created Rebble Web Services, to fill in the void left by the disappearance of Pebble Technology, Corp There's however one thing The Rebble Alliance cannot do: change every...
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The goal of Rebble is to maintain and advance Pebble functionality in the absence of Pebble The app began as a discussion on the Rebble Discord server: "I had the idea to make an app that made...
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Rebble (pebble-dev) has 45 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. Rebble (pebble-dev). Pebble is dead. Long live Pebble!
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The latest Tweets from Rebble (pebble-dev) (@pebble_dev). Pebble is dead. Long live Pebble! Tweets by @IShJR and @jwise0. in our ♥️s and on our wrists.
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Rebble · Rebble, Rebble Everywhere! …and now a blog to link (?!)It seems almost beyond belief that nearly three years have passed since Pebble ceased operations and early members of the Rebble ...
Complete guide to Rebble: We test Pebble's reborn smartwatch OS
In February 2018, Rebble announced Rebble Web Services, its solution to keep core Here we face what's one of Rebble's biggest challenges. What will be really impressive, especially in the face of...
Pebble: An E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android
Ushering In the Rebble Era ( submitted 2 years ago by Sparkly Code Princesskatieberry 2 - announcement. Do the OG Pebble need Rebble? (self.pebble).
Switch to Rebble | How to switch from Pebble to Rebble...
You need to switch to Rebble (RWS aka Rebble Web Services), to install apps & watchfaces, get firmware updates, use account sync, get language packs and support pages. If you want to use voice...
Rebble Will Bring Your Pebble Back From the Dead | Digital Trends
Rebble is exactly what you need if you want to bring your Pebble back to life. By Andy Boxall July 25 Rebble is an unofficial spinoff of the Pebble platform, and aims to offer most, if not all, the services...
How to Sideload Apps on a Pebble Smartwatch
Efforts such as Rebble, which is effectively a community-based replica of the suite of services formerly offered by Pebble will also help to keep the community alive.
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"Rebble" community. An unofficial developer group called Rebble was created to extend support for the Pebble watches' online services that were discontinued on June 30, 2018.
Rebble seeks to keep the Pebble platform alive after... - PhoneArena
Appstore-Rebble users will automatically get the Rebble Store as a replacement. Timeline-most apps will continue to have functioning Timeline pins, but some apps will need updates from the developers.
Rebble with a Cause: How Pebble Watches Were Granted an... - iFixit
Rebble is an inspiring repair story, and the way Pebble enabled this second life is a path that every gadget As a direct result, Rebble is saving thousands of gadgets from the bin and building a real...
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Good times. Keep it rollin', Pebblers.