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replication definition: 1. the act of making or doing something again in exactly the same way, or something that is made or…. Meaning of replication in English.
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From Middle English replicacioun, replicacion, from Anglo-Norman replicacioun and Old French replicacion ("reply, answer"), from Latin replicātiō, replicātiōnem. IPA(key): /ɹɛplɪˈkeɪʃən/. Rhymes: -eɪʃən. replication (countable and uncountable, plural replications).
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Replication definition is - answer, reply. How to use replication in a sentence. b : the action or process of reproducing or duplicating replication of DNA viral replication.
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Define replication. replication synonyms, replication pronunciation, replication translation, English dictionary definition of replication. n. 1. a. The act or process of replicating something. b. Biology The...
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This is called "shared replication" or "transferred ownership replication." In symmetric replication, also called "update-anywhere" or "peer-to-peer replication," each site can receive updates, and all...
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Other articles where Replication is discussed: heredity: DNA replication: The Watson-Crick model of the structure of DNA suggested at least three different ways that DNA might self-replicate.
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Replication enables automatic, asynchronous copying of objects across Amazon S3 buckets. Buckets that are configured for object replication can be owned by the same AWS account or by...
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Replication definition, a reply; answer. See more. First recorded in 1325-75; Middle English replicacioun, from Middle French replication, from Latin replicātiōn- (stem of replicātiō ) "a rolling...
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Overview of Replication Applications that Use Replication Replication is the process of copying and maintaining database objects, such as tables...
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In this video, you will learn basics of replication. Why we need replication and how many types of replication. What are the other technologies available...
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See Monitoring your Replication Agents. Reverse Replication Used for replicating from publish to author. Reverse replication is not used for Communities features, such as forums, blogs, and...
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...Oracle Microsoft System Center NetApp Network, Телефония News Raid, LSI, Adaptec Supermicro Ubuntu Utilities Veeam Backup & Replication, Windows Server Backup Vmware...
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DNA replication is the process of copying the DNA within our cells. This process involves RNA and several enzymes, including DNA polymerase and primase.
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