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So the right way is to call requestAction for my controller. Here I have 2 problems: I have to do this in php function which is located in view-file
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Generally speaking, using requestAction is not very performant, because it begins a whole new dispatch process -- in essence your application is handling two requests for every one request made...
DispatchContext.RequestAction Свойство... | Microsoft Docs
publicstring RequestAction { get; set member this.RequestAction : string with get, set Public Property RequestAction As String
GitHub - dotnsf/requestAction
Contribute to dotnsf/requestAction development by creating an account on GitHub.
RequestAction | redux-requests
RequestAction is a type which defines the structure of request actions. Like all Redux actions it obviously has a type property. Also it must have request property and might have meta property.
Controllers - 2.x
See the section on requestAction() for more tips on using requestAction(). In order for you to use a controller effectively in your own application, we'll cover some of the core attributes and methods...
RequestAction (nifi-framework-api 1.8.0 API)
Serializable, Comparable<RequestAction>. public enum RequestAction extends Enum<RequestAction>. Actions a user/entity can take on a resource.
Class RequestAction is an extension of the simple ServletAction. It it stored in the HttpServletRequest under "_action" attribute and provides access to the HttpServletRequest resources (params, attrs...
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RequestAction. Code Index Add Codota to your IDE (free). @Override public AccessPolicy getAccessPolicy(String resourceIdentifier, RequestAction action) { return
RequestAction (HTTP Request Plugin 1.8.27 API)
hudson.model.AbstractDescribableImpl<RequestAction>. jenkins.plugins.http_request.util.RequestAction.
Java Code Examples for org.apache.nifi.authorization.RequestAction
The following examples show how to use org.apache.nifi.authorization.RequestAction. These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down...
Developing Workflows for Approval and Manual Provisioning
private String requestAction = ConstantsDefinition.REQUEST_ACTION_APPROVAL_UPDATE; private String requestType = ConstantsDefinition.REQUEST_TYPE_VIEW_DETAIL
CakePHP requestAction() (Example)
$quantity = $this->requestAction(array( 'controller' => 'articles', 'action' => 'getRowQuantity'), array('id' => $current_id))
CHTMLEditor::RequestAction: метод Битрикс
public static function RequestAction($action = '') { global $USER; $result = array()
RequestAction | RemoteLib
import RequestAction from 'remote-protocol/lib/actions/RequestAction.js'. public class | source. const action = new RequestAction(id, action)