About 2 billion rubles will be required for drilling a well for...
Drilling a well to a depth of 10 kilometers for geothermal stations, considered one of the promising sources of renewable energy of the future, is estimated at 2 billion rubles. This was announced on Tuesday at a press conference by the Global Energy Prize laureate, academician of the Russian...
Rostelecom To Receive Two Billion Rubles to... - Digital Report
Russian telecom company Rostelecom is to obtain 2 billion rubles from the Ministry of Communications of Russia for the maintenance and development of e-government services. The contract also requires Rostelecom to provide services to the Joint Data Transfer Network (JDTN).
Russian government to give businesses 2.6 billion rubles... — Meduza
Russia's executive cabinet will allocate 2.6 billion rubles ($32.9 million) from the federal budget to banks with orders to compensate small and Mishustin added that credit-providing organizations will be handed an additional 5 billion rubles ($63.2 million) to enable them to delay credit payment...
Almost 2 billion rubles to be spent on measures to combat HIV...
A sum of 28,000 rubles a month is needed to treat one HIV-infected patient, and more than 40,000 rubles a month are spent on an AIDS patient, Andrei Seltsovsky, the chief of Moscow's Healthcare Department, told a Moscow government session on Tuesday.
Slave Su-57 is controlled by 2 billion rubles - News
The creation of a ground control point for the Russian heavy attack drone "Okhotnik", which is considered the wingman of the Su-57 fighter, will require 2 billion 250 million rubles. TASS drew attention to the corresponding tender of the Sukhoi company. According to the posted materials, the...
Slave Su-57 is controlled by 2 billion rubles - Pledge Times
The creation of a ground control point for the Russian heavy attack drone Okhotnik, which is considered to be the wingman of the Su-57 fighter, will require 2 billion 250 million rubles.
At least 2 billion rubles will be invested in the modernization of the...
...1.5 billion rubles in the acquisition of high-tech equipment of the Voronezh site "Arkhbum" In Karelia for the implementation of five priority projects in the field of forest development invested 11 billion rubles.
Smolny requires 2.9 billion rubles from the general... | RusLetter
In May, the construction committee demanded 4.9 billion rubles from the OFK. The OFK bank acted as the guarantor of execution of all four contracts, which the structure of Smolny concluded with Metrostroi for completion of the St. Petersburg stadium. In April, the Central Bank (CB) revoked the license from...
Funds in escrow accounts in equity construction exceed 1.4 trillion...
From that amount, 213.2 billion rubles were transferred from escrow accounts on finished construction projects to developers or as construction loan repayment. The total limit under effective loan contracts between banks and developers exceeds 3.28 trillion rubles.
This mod makes it to where you have 2 billion rubles. - Mod DB
Add file 2 Billion Rubles Mod. Filename. 2000000000_Rubles_Mod.1.rar. Category. Full Version.
Russian Non-State Pension Fund Paid Out Over 2 Billion Rubles
Russian non-state pension fund (NPF) SAFMAR paid out 2.04 billion rubles of pensions in 2020, which exceeds the payments of 2019 by 173.14 million rubles. In particular, the fund increased payments to pensioners on compulsory pension insurance by 14 per cent, to 1.62 billion rubles.
Russian filed a lawsuit against Google for two billion rubles for the...
Google will prohibit advertising of crypto currency, ICO and announcements about binary options in June 2018. Just in June, Orekhov planned to go to the ICO and raise up to $ 2 million. He is sure that he has lost about 2 billion rubles in net profit, so he sued for such a sum.
Pestily reaches 1 billion rubles! : EscapefromTarkov
MediaPestily reaches 1 billion rubles! (clips.twitch.tv). submitted 1 year ago by IDrink_n_IKnowThingsMosin. Or just beg your followers on twitch to donate the money they played to earn so you can brag you have a billion dollars. Some people are too in love with the fantasy of pixels...
Two billion rubles have ben invested into the modernization of the...
- 'The amount of investments over the past two years is quite significant - about two billion Rubles. Being aware of the fact that the Region is prepared to support us, we, as shareholders, decided to develop production in the region,' the representative of the company added.
Suspects in the theft of 2 billion rubles from a large energy company...
"Officers of the MIA of Russia GA for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption (ES&CC), together with colleagues from the city of Moscow and officers of the FSB of Russia, suppressed the activities of an organized group whose members were suspected of stealing more than 2 billion...
MasterCard and Visa to pay $2.9 billion for the right to operate in Russia
...to just 1,000 billion rubles ($28.8 billion), while the overall amount of cash transactions reached about 8,000 billion rubles. However, as head of the VTB24 bank Mikhail Zadornov has pointed out, "the creation of a full-fledged system will require hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars."
Russia Easily Sells $2 Billion of RUBLE-Denominated Debt
Russia's ruble-denominated debt has thus jumped from about $7.7 billion to about $9.6 billion (an increase of 24 percent). Foreign investors hold about 30 percent of that (Russia abolished the ruble peg to the dollar in late 2014). Imre speculates that the share of foreign investors will probably continue to...
Russia central bank: Otkritie, B&N Bank bail outs to require up to 820...
MOSCOW (Reuters) - The financial rehabilitation of troubled Russian lenders Otkritie Bank (MM:OFCB) and B&N Bank will require 800-820 billion rubles ($13.9-$14.2 billion), RIA news agency cited Central Bank Deputy Governor Vasily Pozdyshev as saying on Thursday.
Watchdog Asks Nornickel to Pay $2 Billion for Arctic Spill - Bloomberg
Russia's ecological watchdog said the massive Arctic fuel spill from a MMC Norilsk Nickel PJSC tank in May caused 148 billion rubles ($2.1 billion) of damage and asked the miner to pay for it. Arctic Diesel Spill Caused $2 Billion Damage, Russia Says.
Siluanov: Pension reform will require 500 billion rubles. Is it also...
According to our estimates, the volume of financial resources for the proposals made in the six-year period is about 500 billion rubles. Thus, the government actually informs the population that the process of pension reform itself will fall on the shoulders of ordinary Russians...
02 series bond issue of Dalcombank worth 2 billion rubles declared...
On July 16, 2010, Bank of Russia declared the 02 series bond issue of Dalcombank worth RUR 2 billion invalid, according to the issuer's statement. State registration of the issue has been annulled. The bank's bonds were registered on May 20, 2009 under reg. number 40200084B.
Tomtor deposit development requires more than 55 billion rubles...
Unique deposit containing huge resources of rare-earth metals is being developed Yakutia 24 TV channel: The total investment in the development of a rare-earth metal deposit in the Oleneksky region of the republic will amount to more than 55 billion rubles.
The cost of development and support of unvisited... | ActualApple.com
According to the resource, the total cost of development and support has exceeded 2 billion roubles. Liveinternet statistics shows that in July 2016 the average number of user clicks on the A contract in the amount of 270 million rubles for the second stage of works "Sputnik" received in November 2014.
Retirees Should Know These 3 Facts About Required Minimum...
Why does the IRS require these distributions? It's straightforward - they need to ensure they get their tax. In the event that this standard didn't exist, individuals could live off other pay and never pay tax on their retirement investment returns. Bloomberg. SoftBank Seeks $1.2 Billion in Greensill Collapse.
billion rubles - Russian translation - Linguee
Suggest as a translation of "billion rubles" Copy ...152.6 billion rubles) and the «Construction of facilities XXVII World Summer Universiade...
Russia to Spend Over $2 Billion on Crimea Modernization - Sputnik...
Russia plans to spend 113 billion rubles (about $2.2 billion) on the modernization of Crimea's infrastructure in 2015, and will create an analogue of Silicon Valley on the peninsula.
Promsvyazbank requires 5 billion rubles from rianio ltd
On November 21, the Moscow Arbitration Court received a claim of 5,157,128,618 rubles from "Promsvyazbank" PJSC against the Cyprus company Rianio Ltd. The trial on It is interesting that the claims of "Promsvyazbank" for 5,157,128,618 rubles were included in the register of creditors' claims.
Binance.com to add fiat pairs; starting with Russian rubles 'in about...
Independent analysis requires independent journalists. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao "CZ" announced the news at the Open Innovations conference in Moscow, Russia on Monday, saying: "In about two weeks or so, we should have support for Russian rubles trading directly.
Russian Central Bank Loses 2 Billion Rubles in Cyberheist
Reuters reported that hackers stole more than 2 billion rubles ($31 million) from correspondent accounts at the Russian central bank, the bank said Central bank official Artyom Sychyov discussed the losses at a briefing, saying that the hackers had attempted a cyberheist of about 5 billion rubles.