Reduced instruction set computer - Wikipedia
A reduced instruction set computer, or RISC (/rɪsk/), is a computer with a small, highly optimized set of instructions, rather than the more specialized set often found in other types of architecture...
RISC-V International
RISC-V International is chartered to standardize and promote the open RISC-V instruction set architecture together with its hardware and software ecosystem for use in all computing devices.
What Does RISC and CISC Mean in 2020? | by Erik Engheim | Medium
Now that Apple has released the M1 ARM chip you may wonder what actually is the difference between a RISC and CISC chip today? Some claim there is not difference but is that true?
What is RISC and CISC Architecture and their Differences
RISC stands for 'Reduced Instruction Set Computer Whereas, CISC stands for Complex Instruction Set Computer. The RISC processors have a smaller set of instructions with few addressing nodes.
Difference Between RISC and CISC Architecture and Their Applications
What is RISC? A reduced instruction set computer is a computer that only uses simple commands that can be divided into several instructions that achieve low-level operation within a single CLK...
RISC-V opens up processor design | ZDNet
RISC-V, pronounced 'Risk-Five', is a new architecture that's available under open, free and non-restrictive licences. It has widespread industry support from chip and device makers...