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Round trip may refer to: Round-trip delay time, in communications. Round-trip engineering, automatic synchronization of related software development artifacts. Round-trip format conversion, in document conversion. Round-trip gain, in laser physics. Round-trip translation of text, using machine translation.
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round-trip or less commonly roundtrip adjective. round-trip fares round-trip travel With 50,000 miles accumulated, one can qualify for a free roundtrip ticket to Europe and back. — David E. Rosenbaum.
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Перевод контекст "round-trip" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: round trip, round-trip ticket, round trip propagation time.
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round trip: Определение round trip: 1. If you make a round trip, you go on a journey and return to where you started from. Значение round trip в английском.
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Check 'round trip' translations into Russian. Look through examples of round trip translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar.
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Round trip definition: If you make a round trip , you travel to a place and then back again. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Round Trip, Alexandria, Egypt. 89,010 likes · 470 talking about this. Round Trip Make travelling Easy and Affordable to everyone.
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Define round trip. round trip synonyms, round trip pronunciation, round trip translation, English dictionary definition of round trip. n. A trip from one place to another and back, usually over the same...
What is round-trip time? | RTT definition | Cloudflare
Round-trip time (RTT) is the duration in milliseconds (ms) it takes for a network request to go from a starting point to a destination and back again to the starting point.
What is Round-trip Time and How Does it Relate to Network Latency?
Round-trip time is an important metric that can indicate the quality of real-time communications. However, there is some confusion around what exactly round-trip time is, how it affects your service...
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round ("complete, entire"; "forming a circle or cycle") +‎ trip ("journey"). See separate entries for round and trip. round trip (plural round trips). (often figuratively) A trip from one destination to another and then returning to the starting location.
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round-trip meaning, definition, what is round-trip: a journey to a place and back again: Learn more.
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December 2020 round-trip latency figures. The monthly average round-trip times between Azure regions for past 30 days (ending on December 31, 2020) are shown below.
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Flight search. Round trip. checkRound trip. checkOne way.
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Round trip definition, a trip to a given place and back again: Fares for round trips often have a discount. Origin of round trip. An Americanism dating back to 1850-55.
What are Round-trip Flights? Are They Better then One Way Trip
Generally, a round-trip flight is much cheaper than a one-way flight. For instance, when you book a Here, purchasing a round-trip flight would be more convenient, given that you are returning home...
Round-Trip Trading Definition
Round-trip trading largely refers to the unethical practice of purchasing and selling shares of the same security time and time again in an attempt to manipulate observers into believing that the security is in...
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round-trip — ˈround trip adjective round trip ticket/ fare etc TRAVEL a ticket etc that allows you to Financial and business terms. round trip — noun A trip from one destination to another and then...
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Round trip time is a key factor for measuring network latency and page load times. Round-trip time (RTT) is the duration, measured in milliseconds, from when a browser sends a request to when it...