Futures and Promises | Scala Documentation
Futures provide a way to reason about performing many operations in parallel- in an efficient and The scala.concurrent package comes out of the box with an ExecutionContext implementation, a...
Scala Futures | Scala Book | Scala Documentation
A Scala Future is used to create a temporary pocket of concurrency that you use for one-shot needs. You typically use it when you need to call an algorithm that runs an indeterminate amount of time...
A Guide to Scala Futures | Baeldung on Scala
1. Overview. Some operations like a database query or a call to another HTTP service can take a while to complete. Running them on the main thread would block further program execution and decrease...
Scala: How to get the result of a Future - Stack Overflow
As you can see, all the jwt properties are self-contained except expiration info. Method isExpired uses ReactiveMongo, which always returns a Future. To make things even more complex, I use this jwt in...
Simple concurrency with Scala Futures (Futures...) | alvinalexander.com
In Scala, it's said that a future returns "eventually." The following examples show a variety of ways to create futures and work with their eventual results. Run one task, but block.
Scala Futures Tips. Scala Futures give us the ability to | Medium
Scala Futures Tips. Wiem Zine. Feb 15ยท3 min read. 2. Use Future.successful for simple computations. if you have a simple computation and you need to return a Future
Scala Futures | Hello, Scala tutorial
A Scala Future is used to create a little pocket of concurrency that you use for one-shot needs. To demonstrate how this works, let's start with an example of a Future in the Scala REPL.
Scala Futures - YouTube
This video introduces you to the concept of Futures and how you can create a scala.concurrent.Future object.
Futures Made Easy with Scala
Scala Future incorporates recover that acts as a back-up future when an error occurs. This allows the future composition to finish even with failures. To illustrate, consider this code
Chapter 9 - A Beginner's Tutorial To Using Scala Futures
This Scala Tutorial is a step by step beginner's guide to help you learn how use Scala futures to perform asynchronous non blocking operations in parallel.
Mastering Scala: Futures | Credera
scala> import scala.concurrent.Future scala> import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext.Implicits.global. Creating a Future is easy: We need only enclose...
SCAla : Futures /Promises and more - CodeProject
Futures. A Future is an object holding a value which may become available at some point. Luckily the scala Future[T] class is quite powerful, and comes with a number of combinators to help you write...
Scala Futures on waitingforcode.com - articles about Scala async
Home Scala async Scala Futures. Versions: Scala 2.12.1. With increasing number of computation power, the parallel computing gained the popularity during the last years.
Scala Notes: Futures, Part 1 - DZone Java
Scala Notes: Futures, Part 1. A block of code which runs synchronously, when wrapped in a Future, runs A scala.concurrent.Future is a representation of a value that is yet to be realized.
A Brief Overview Of Scala Futures | Genuine Blog
The Scala Future API provides a comprehensive set of functions for writing concurrent, asynchronous code. By design, Scala is a functional programming language with an inherent emphasis on...
Scala Futures, Traverse and Side Effects - About Scala and Scala.JS
Scala Future is eager by nature. This means that Future execution starts in the very moment it has been defined. It's not a problem if you have no side effects inside your Futures.
Getting Asynchronous in Scala : Part 1 (Future...) - Knoldus Blogs
July 1, 2016August 4, 2016 Sahil SawhneyScalaAsynchronous, Await.result scala, callbacks, Combinators, intellij, sbt, scala future15 Comments on Getting Asynchronous in Scala : Part 1...
Easy Parallel Programming with Scala Futures
The Scala programming language comes with a Futures API. Futures make parallel programming much easier to handle than working with traditional techniques of threads, locks, and callbacks.
Does Scala have a future? Is it worth learning? - Quora
Does Scala have a future? Nobody knows, you can't predict the future. Whether that future is - Scala the language is becoming the most popular language in the world, or Scala influences another...
Future - Scala Standard Library 2.11.8 - scala.concurrent.Future
Related Docs: object Future | package concurrent. trait Future[+T] extends Awaitable[T]. Asynchronous computations that yield futures are created with the Future call
Scala Futures with Timeout - Nami's Tech Blog
Scala Futures do not support built-in timeout unless you block on the future using scala.concurrent.Await as follows: The above code will timeout: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException...
Tracing back Scala Future chains in asynchronous programming
I want to tell you how to write asynchronous code using Scala's Futures. In the era of asynchronous programming, it's important to know that function invocations that form a logical chain in the source...
Scala Futures vs Monix Tasks - Beyond the lines
Scala Future exposes a Future.successful to execute a computation on the current thread. Monix Tasks offer something similar in 2 different flavours: Task.pure or Task.now takes a "strict" value and...