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About SDL. Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and SDL 2.0 is distributed under the zlib license.
Simple DirectMedia Layer - Wikipedia
Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is a cross-platform software development library designed to provide a hardware abstraction layer for computer multimedia hardware components.
GitHub - veandco/go-sdl2: SDL2 binding for Go
Contribute to veandco/go-sdl2 development by creating an account on GitHub.
SDL2 Tutorials - YouTube
Tutorial 1 - Downloading SDL2 and CodeBlocks 13.12. GameGrape Studios. Tutorial 5 - Creating a SDL2.0 Template.
Lazy Foo' Productions - Beginning Game Programming v2.0
Greetings everyone, welcome to the ground up recoding of Beginning Game Programming with SDL. This time we will be coding with SDL 2 which has been released on the SDL website.
SDL2.dll Download: Fix DLL Missing or Not Found Error
Download the SDL2.dll file for free and fix SDL2.dll Missing or Was Not Found Error on Windows. A simple &free solution from
Simple DirectMedia Layer - Browse /SDL/2.0.3 at
This project is an unoffcial and partial mirror of the SDL site. It only contains freely downloadable SDL materials. You can reach the official one…
Introduction to SDL 2.0
The tutorial shows how to install and setup SDL2.0 in with codeblocks and mingw. The tutorial provides instruction and code to create the window along with proper project settings and so on.
sdl2 - SDL2 library wrapper — PySDL2 0.9.6 documentation
Sdl2 - SDL2 library wrapper¶. The sdl2 package is a ctypes-based wrapper around the SDL2 library. It wraps nearly all publicly accessible structures and functions of the SDL2 library to be accessible from...
--disable-sdl-dlopen: This switch disables using dlopen for shared object loading. sdl2-config. determines the compile and linker flags that should be used to compile and link programs that use...
libSDL2pp: libSDL2pp
SDL sdl(SDL_INIT_VIDEO | SDL_INIT_AUDIO) SDL2pp installs pkg-config file, so it can be used with any build system that interacts with pkg-config, including CMake and GNU Autotools.
index.htm - sdl2
sdl2. Description: Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware via OpenGL and Direct3D.
API documentation for the Rust `sdl2` crate.
SDL2 bindings for Rust. See all sdl2's items. Re-exports. Modules.
Using SDL2 with CMake | Trenki's Dev Blog
SDL2 is the newest version of the Simple Directmedia Layer API. You need to create a CMakeLists.txt file for your project that includes SDL2 and compiles a simple program.
sdl 2 - Installing SDL2 on Linux - Stack Overflow
SDL2 is available as packages in Debian unstable, testing, and wheezy-backports. I have no experience with Ubuntu or Mint, but there might be similar packages available for those distributions.
Sdl2 Download (RPM, TGZ, TXZ)
Sdl2 Download for Linux (rpm, tgz, txz). Download SDL2 linux packages for AlmaLinux, CentOS, Fedora, NetBSD, openSUSE, Slackware.
sdl2: Both high- and low-level bindings to the SDL library...
The SDL namespace contains high-level bindings, where enumerations are split into sum types, and we perform automatic error-checking. The SDL.Raw namespace contains an almost 1-1 translation of the...