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In computer programming, self-documenting (or self-describing) source code and user interfaces follow naming conventions and structured programming conventions that enable use of the system without prior specific knowledge.
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The idea behind "self-documenting" code is that the actual program logic in the code is trivially clear enough to explain to anyone reading the code not only what the code is doing but why it is doing it.
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Self-documenting code is not a myth but a must-write in any type of IT development area. It's no use considering that your code won't be touched or redone one more time. ⬆.
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A good self-documenting code should not require to read actual implementations, but only function/class names. A call to jQuery.ajax is not clear, but if it's in a function named "addMessage...
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Self-documenting code is often presented as a programmer's utopia, where you don't need to write comments at all! But code can never be entirely self-documenting.
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I saw something pop up on Twitter that was shaming folks who don't write comments in their code. In this video, I share how I write my code to intentionally...
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Self-documenting code is ostensibly written using human-readable names, typically consisting of a phrase in a human language which reflects the symbol's meaning, such as...
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Self Documenting Code. Definition: Code that allegedly explains itself without the need of extraneous documentation, like flowcharts, UML diagrams, process-flow statediagrams, etc.
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Self-documenting code is ostensibly written using human-readable names, typically consisting of a phrase in a human language which reflects the symbol's meaning, such as article.numberOfWords or...
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Self-documenting code contains sufficient information to understand the code without external knowledge. The code is the one guaranteed source for how the program operates, everything else is...
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Syntax-related methods for self-documenting code can be a little bit more language specific. Making your code self documenting goes a long way to improving the maintainability of your code.
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I prefer writing self documenting code. A guide for this is Clean Code. This of course does not mean one should never use comments - they have their role, but IMHO you should use them carefully.
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Self-documenting code is one of the biggest documentation myths in the software industry. This view generally conflates documentation with code comments. I'd like to make two arguments in this post
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Self-documenting code is code written in such a way that it's easy to read and understand its intention. It doesn't make all formal documentation redundant - even a system made of perfectly...
Writing self-documenting Swift code | Swift by Sundell write code that is more self-documenting - code that makes the underlying intent and details What do you think? What are your favorite techniques for making code more self-documenting?
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Self-documenting code can improve the readability of your codebase. It basically means that you don't have to write comments to explain what your code is doing. Its advantages can be listed as followed.
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Strong preference should be given to writing code that is self-documenting. A common approach is to write a lot of comments, but the problem with comments are twofold
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What does self-documenting code actually mean? Find out inside PCMag's comprehensive tech and computer-related encyclopedia.
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Self-documenting code aims to solve these issues by encouraging code that clearly states its intent in common language. Tic-tac-toe: A self-documenting code example. The good news is that writing...
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"The code is self-documenting!" No, it's not! This one is my personal favorites and it is the easiest to argue Good comments and documentation throughout will provide a great service to those coders...
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Self-Documenting Code Is NOT Code without Documentation. 17. 6. 2020. The current global situation is enough to make anyone sink into a state of depression and helplessness.
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When code is self-documenting, it doesn't need comments to explain what it does or its purpose, which is great for making the code easier to maintain. As a bonus, with fewer comments, it's less...
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Though lots of very clear code exists, truly self-documenting software is about as common as unicorns. Jack G. Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant on embedded development issues.
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With self-documenting code, you know there is only one correct way to use a piece of code. Another good example of self-documenting code is the operator overloading in the C++ standard...
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Self-Documenting Code. Pages: 12. Thought it was bizarre when I started but it actually is a lot easier to read and less tedious to code.