GitHub - awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted: A list of Free... Awesome-Selfhosted. Self-hosting is the practice of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaSS providers. This is a list of Free Software network services...
Self-hosting (web services) - Wikipedia
Self-hosting in the context of website management and online publishing is used to describe the practice of running and maintaining a website using a private web server. The concept of self hosting is mostly relevant in situations where a webmaster has a clear and immediate "hosted" alternative...
Self-Hosted Alternatives to Popular Services
A place to share alternatives to popular online services that can be self-hosted without giving up privacy or locking you into a service you don't...
Self-Hosted Software | AlternativeTo
Self-Hosted Software. Share on Facebook. Android Tablet. iPad. Self-Hosted. Microsoft Edge. Vivaldi Browser.
100+ self-hosted alternatives to popular services
Best self-hosted alternatives to popular online services. In our 15+ years of experience, we've come across thousands and thousands of applications and online services.
7 Best Self-Hosted Wiki Solutions for Small to Enterprise
Lucky you, this article is about just that! Here, I'll be talking about what wiki software is, how it can help you, and then some self-hosted solutions for it.
10 Free DIY Self Hosted Cloud Storage Software For Home Office
Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing data yourself instead of renting a Access, Sync and Share Your Data, Under Your Control! ownCloud is a self-hosted file sync and...
Self-hosted gateway overview | Microsoft Docs
Self-hosted gateway uses connectivity to Azure for: Reporting its status by sending heartbeat messages every minute. Regularly checking for (every 10 seconds) and applying configuration...
The Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Self-Hosted... | Medium
A self-hosted website needs a place to live. That's where website hosting providers come in. There are a variety of hosts providing different services at different price points.
Best Self-Hosted Slack Alternatives for Chat of... - SourceForge Articles
Self-hosted Software. Self-hosting has been around for a while, though it's evolved in recent years. Essentially, the idea of self-hosting is to have the equivalent of a software service you'd typically use...
Self-Hosted is a chat show between Chris and Alex two long-time "self-hosters" who share their lessons and take you along for the journey as they learn new ones.
Top 10 Self Hosted/On Premise Slack Alternative for Team Chat
Are you looking for some self-hosted/On-Premise team chat software solution as Slack Alternative Top 10 Team Chat Software for a Self-Hosted environment specifically designed for Large Enterprises.
5 Best "Self-Hosted WordPress" Hosts & How to Get Started (2021)
Self-hosted WordPress hosting relies on software from Self-hosting your WordPress site will give you far greater creative control over everything from code and plugins to themes and user experience.
13 Best self-hosted cloud storage solutions as of 2021 - Slant
What are the best self-hosted cloud storage solutions? The Best 1 of 13 Options. Why? Best self-hosted cloud storage solutions. Price. Platforms.
Awesome Self Hosted | LibHunt
Your go-to Self Hosted Toolbox. Awesome Self Hosted. A directory of free software solutions and web applications which can be hosted locally.
Self-Hosted Web - The next DIY
This time I'm talking about the self-hosted cloud-storage solution Nextcloud, which, with its numerous extensions is the swiss-army knife of self-hosting solutions.
Self-Hosted Remote Support Software | Remote Utilities
Self-Hosted Server. Enhance Remote Utilities capabilities with RU Server installed on your premises. RU Server is self-hosted server software that you can deploy in your organization.
Self-hosted alternatives: Ultimate guide to cheaper SaaS | Serverwise
Self-hosted email is a difficult category to pin down, as there's so many different components that go into feature-complete email system. Instead of trying to focus on all of the individual...
Self-hosted solutions | Pexip
Self-hosted software. An award-winning cloud application that provides enterprise-wide video conferencing and collaboration using any device or platform. Scalable meeting platform.
Advantages of a self-hosted Serverless solution
Self-hosted Serverless services with Fn. Last updated on: Jan 29, 2019. Is now time to go live and publish our FaaS on a server! Deploy the self-hosted Serverless services on your own infrastructure.
The Best Self-Hosted Alternatives to Popular Services
Hosting your own services at home used to be reserved for nerds, but it's easier than ever. Here are the best services that you can host yourself for all your daily needs.
How to Setup an Affordable, Self-Hosted WordPress Website - YouTube
Creating a WordPress website that actually helps you grow a brand on the web has never been easier. In this video, we'll walk you through a simple...
Self-Hosted Sentry | Sentry Developer Documentation
Self-Hosted Sentry. In addition to making its source code available publicly, Sentry offers and maintains a minimal setup that works out-of-the-box for simple use cases.
azure - Difference between Microsoft Hosted Agents and Self-hosted...
Self-hosted agents give you more control to install dependent software needed for your builds and deployments. Also, machine-level caches and configuration persist from run to run...
Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server ยท Jitsi Meet Handbook
Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server. Follow these steps for a quick Jitsi-Meet installation on a If the machine used to host the Jitsi Meet instance has a FQDN (for example