How long to return several hundred thousand records?
I have a table with 453326 records within it. I just did a SELECT * FROM table using SQL Management Studio and the whole thing took 24s to return a list of records. Is this expected performance? I thought SQL Server 2005 was faster than this.
How long to return several hundred thousand records?
I have a table with 453326 records within it. I just did a SELECT * FROM table using SQL Management Studio and the whole thing took 24s to return a list of records. Is this expected performance?
"Several thousands" / "several thousand" in English
"Hundred", "thousand", "million", etc., when they are used in the names of numbers (i.e. when they are preceded with a number) are always in the singular What do we do when we want to say "several hundred(s)", "many thousand(s)", "a few million(s)", and the like? The number is unspecified, so it...
Several hundred thousands=Several thousand hundreds? | Forum
I think they aren't same and "several thousand hundreds" isn't correct at all. I'm not a teacher. Yes! "Several thousand hundreds" would never be used by a Native Speaker!
several hundred thousand | English examples in context | Ludwig
High quality example sentences with "several hundred thousand" in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. Sentence examples for several hundred thousand from inspiring English sources.
grammaticality - "Hundred-thousands" or "Hundreds of thousands"?
or. The company saved several hundreds of thousands of dollars. I apologize. I did no prior research other than 4 years of scholars level English in college. The company saved several hundred thousand dollars. or.
several hundred/hundreds of students ? | WordReference Forums
Some say "several hundred students", while some say "several hundreds of students". As far as I know, when "hundred", "thousand", "million", etc., follow a definite value,such "one","one hundred", they should be in singular form, and don't go with "of"; when they follow an indefinite number, like...
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Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Several Hundred Thousand · Buben Welcome to E.U. ℗ Buben Released on: 2015-01-17 Music Publisher: Big buben studio...
several hundred thousand dollars - Russian translation - Linguee
Many translated example sentences containing "several hundred thousand dollars"... Suggest as a translation of "several hundred thousand dollars" Copy
several hundred — с английского на все языки
Hundred (countrysubdivision) — A hundred is a geographic division formerly used in England , Wales , Denmark , South Australia and some parts of the USA , Germany ( Southern Schleswig ), Sweden ( and today s Finland ) and Norway , which historically was used to divide a larger region … …
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Are you saying that several hundred thousand clients will be simultaneously connecting to this server? Are we talking about connections to a database server or just a web server? If the former, can the clients only connect when they need to send/receive data?
In the English language, how many hundreds is a few hundred exactly?
If there is any chance it might be more than 600, then it might be better to say several hundred (which I think should be around 500-900). Beyond that, you can use around a thousand. However, if your estimate is even LESS precise (say, somewhere between 100 and 1000), then your estimate is too...
Числительные hundred, thousand, million, dozen — English for School
two hundred/2 hundred. three thousand/3 thousand. four million/4 million. two dozen/2 dozen. Если нужно сказать 1 миллион, 1 тысяча, 1 сотня Hundreds of visitors, thousands of children, millions of years Но в таком случае после hundred, thousand, million и dozen употребляется предлог of
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Now we put each group into words individually. We simply get "three" from 3, "two hundred fifty-one" from 251 and "four hundred sixty-nine" from 469. The trick is that the second block from the right gets "thousand" added to it, the second gets "million," the third, "billion," and so forth.
several hundreds - definition - English
I mentioned on several occasions that many hundreds of people were subjected to such heavy-handed police brutality that they suffered serious injuries, while several hundred people were put arbitrarily under arrest and several hundred people went through lengthy criminal proceedings where...
Several Hundred(S) Of?
Can we say "several hundred of students" or "several hundreds of students"? Jan 09 2007 10:56:35. Hundreds of years, tens of thousands, thousands of people. If you know the exact number you state it without having to use 'of'. Jan 09 2007 14:26:07.
italki - several thousands\thousand of them? Should I use thousand...
It is "several thousand of them," without the S. The reason is that hundred, thousand, million, billion, trillion, etc., only take an "s" when used alone. Likewise, we say several hundred of them, several thousand of them, etc.
Reading and Writing Large Numbers | Large Numbers in Words in...
(vi) 621,011 - Six hundred twenty-one thousand eleven. (vii) 530,008 - Five hundred thirty thousand eight. (viii) 765,941 - Seven hundred sixty-five thousand nine hundred forty-one.
hundred thousand - Wiktionary
hundred thousand. The cardinal number 100,000. hundreds and thousands.
Tens of Thousands - Word Counter Blog
Vague numbers like tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and tens of millions are not scientific. You need several sets of ten to make up "tens." We have now successfully eliminated all numbers from 10,000 to 19,999. As soon as we hit the 20,000 mark, we now have more than one set...
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Hundreds; e.g. 100 = 'one hundred'; 999 = 'nine hundred and ninety-nine' ; "Valentine's Day dinner costs hundreds of dollars". Thousands; e.g. 1,000 = 'one thousand'; 8,765 = 'eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty-five' ; "My new mobile phone cost over two thousand dollars".